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Name: Jennifer Nicol
Age: 34
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Birthplace: Canada
Current Residence: Toronto, Canada
Sports: Weight Training, Core Fitness Training, Stretch and Yoga practice, Spinning, Cycling, Short distance Runner (5-8km), Participant in Charity Runs.

Why did you become Vegan?
My choice to become a vegan was very easy. Once I had researched the pros and cons of the vegan diet, the scientific research made the decision for me! I had been vegetarian on and off for years and always wondered if I could make the full crossover into living on a diet that contained no animal by-products. Ultimately, I made the decision after reading enough supporting data from a multitude of sources. I am confident the only way to live a healthy, strong and disease–free existence is on a vegan diet.

When did you become interested in Fitness?
I have been interested in fitness since I was a teenager. I was the first out all of my friends to have a gym membership. My body type is not petite, I have big bones and big muscle mass. I learned years ago that if I don’t constantly work my muscles, my body does not look or feel its best.

How would you describe your Nutrition Program?
When describing my nutrition program, one thing I say a lot is “The Choice is always WHOLE, FRESH and SIMPLE!” The phrase says it all. I limit processed vegan food items such as patties, baked goods, yogurts and cheeses. Processed foods often contain an abundance of chemicals and high levels of salt and refined sugars. By choosing WHOLE, FRESH and SIMPLE foods, there is no need to worry about spiking salt and sugar levels.

On a daily basis, I try to keep my carbohydrate and caloric intake within a certain range but I do NOT count calories or stress about a low-carb diet. I choose WHOLE foods that offer maximum nutrition with little to no excess. I regularly treat myself to raw and/or unprocessed desserts and purchase certified organic foods whenever possible.

How would you describe your Training program?
My training program is all about blood flowing through the muscles on a daily basis. I enjoy attending fitness classes and having my workouts at the gym whenever possible. However, when the weather is nice or I can’t get to the gym, I train outside, at home, or on the go.

When at home I use my yoga mat, skipping rope and dumbbells to complete a total body blast full of crunches, squats, burpees, push-ups, curls and more. When traveling, I search out fitness tools like accessible stairs to climb or a nearby park that I can run in.

If none of the above is possible, I make sure to stretch often and walk rapidly throughout the entire day, everywhere possible. Being fit is a constant commitment to the muscles that you have worked hard to build.

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