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Name: Richard Watts
Year of Birth: 1982
Location: England
email: heavymetalninja@gmail.com
other websites:


Why did you become Vegan?
I'd been vegetarian for about 13 years, as I've always cared about animals and didn't like eating them. I'd just been thinking to myself about what I consider to be right and wrong, and keeping animals in captivity to use how we want appeared wrong to me. So I eventually decided to become vegan when I was 18, to avoid funding industries with practices that I don't agree with.

When did you become interested in Fitness?
I had always been pretty fat as a kid, and when I got a little older I decided to do something about it and sorted out my diet. Shortly after losing some weight that way, I started at a gym, and got hooked. I've been on and off over the years.

How would you describe your Nutrition Program?
This is where I struggle the most, but I know what I should be doing! Generally, I have a small breakfast, sometimes a smoothie, then at work I have oats with flax, coconut, walnut, sultanas and soy protein, as well as a couple of pieces of fruit (usually apple). In the evening, I have a single standard meal, something like a stir fry usually, with pasta, rice or something. Before the gym I have a little bit to eat, maybe some fruit or a small amount of oats again, and drink some tea with creatine. After the gym I have a protein shake or two.

How would you describe your Training program?
I follow a full-body workout, and generally handle it like a drill. I go from exercise to exercise with no break. So I will generally do something like:

Dumbbell bench press
Seated row
Upright row
Leg press
Shoulder press
Lat Pull-down

Bicep curls
Tricep pull-down

For each compound exercise, I aim for 12 reps, and once I achieve it, I raise the weight. I go back through the cycle until I have no more energy.

Sometimes I mix it up and do breakdowns (decrease weight and repeat the exercise).

So I might train like this three days a week. I am introducing interval training for cardio, so at the end of the workout I then do about 20 minutes, 1 minute relaxed pace, 1 minute flat out.

At home I have a Body Opponent Bag for cardio (but mainly fun), and also a chin-up bar, which I think is one of the most important things in training.