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Name: Robert Cheeke 
Birth date:
March 2, 1980 
185 lbs
Corvallis, OR 
Current Residence:
Always traveling
Sport: Bodybuilding 

Why did you decide to stop eating animal-based foods?
I grew up on a farm and developed an appreciation for farm animals similar to the respect and appreciation someone might have for a dog or a cat. Given this perspective of farm animals and my closeness to them through my involvement in 4-H, raising them as pets, it seemed fitting to stop eating my animal friends. I no longer wanted to contribute to animal cruelty and suffering and decided to go vegan, as a teenager in the agriculture town of Corvallis, OR in the mid 90’s.

How long have you been vegan?
I have been vegan since December 8, 1995 (when I was 15 years old and 120 pounds – By 2003, I was up to 195 pounds and a competitive bodybuilder running www.veganbodybuilding.com).

How would you describe your training program? 
Like my nutrition program, my training program is rather typical for a bodybuilder.  I train one or two muscle groups per workout and train with weights about 5 times a week. 

A typical week may look like this: 

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Shoulders

Saturday – Arms and Abs

Sunday – Rest 

I don’t follow that exact plan, but it is an example of what an average week may look like. 

I train for 60-90 minutes at a time and I train with intensity and I also have fun. 

I train with a purpose based on what my short and long term visions are. When I am preparing for a bodybuilding competition my training changes significantly and the time I spend in the gym increases to 2-4 hours a day.  I try to make training fun because the more fun it is the more I want to do it and the more I train the better results I get and that brings personal fulfillment.