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Cornell University Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Course Review
As a result of the encouragement from many of my friends and colleagues, coupled with my own professional desire to enhance my understanding of health and nutrition, I enrolled in the T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Course through Cornell University.
Milk Mustache Campaign Letter to the Public School System

Dear Superintendent, I have recently become aware of the fact that your school district promotes and supports the Milk Mustache Campaign aimed to encourage school children (and their parents) to consume milk and other dairy products for optimal health...

Why I enrolled in the Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Course

When I started the T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certification Course, on day one students were asked to write about why we decided to take the course. We posted our reasons in the public forum...

Food, Supplements and Nutrition
Plant-Based Nutrition: Will I get Anemic?
by Derek Tresize

Iron is one of those nutrients many people tend to think only exists in animal products, but this is far from the case! Many plant foods are great sources of iron, especially leafy green vegetables and legumes)!

Derek's examination of Dr. Campbell's Principles of Nutrition
Last year I completed the Plant Based Nutrition certification through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and Cornell University, and I feel it is one of (if not the) best courses I have ever taken.

Outline of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet -
Part 1 by Marcella Torres

Here's Part I of a three-part practical guide to eating a whole food, plant based diet! While the guide is intended to be general and apply to anyone, there are plenty of tips included for bodybuilders and those looking to gain or lose weight!

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Pre-Contest Diet
Raw Food Bodybuilding Nutrition Program


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