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Week 9

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from February 23, 2005

This is the final week to enter our current contests. We have the Freaky Forearm Challenge, Great Glutes Contest, and the Total Physique Challenge going on right now. To enter simply e-mail robert@veganbodybuilding.com your photos and bio by the end of the month. And thanks to those who have already entered. More info on these contests is located on the Calendar page as well as the Fitness Contest page.

Also thanks to everyone who has voted for our fitness contest winner of the year. This will be an awesome award and the winner will get nearly $300 in cash and prizes, in addition to the prizes they already won for being a 2004 fitness contest winner.

On the message board I am working on a program called "This Product HAS to GO." We will be listing "BAD" products that are cruel in design, intent, or use, and we will write letters to specific stores asking them not to carry these items as well as contact the companies themselves. We may be recognized, we may be ignored, but we're going to at least try. If you are interested in writing letters, please let me know by posting on the message board.

I posted some photos that I had taken of me yesterday. I'm not exactly tan right now as you'll see in the Image Galleries section but I'm just having fun taking photos every once in a while, now that I'm learning how to upload them to this site anytime I want. So check them out, as well as the photos from my trips around Europe in 2004 and the Olympia 04 photos on the IFBB Bodybuilding page.

The IFBB kicked off last week with the Ironman and my former training Troy Alves took 3rd, but Team FLEX had him picked as the overall winner. My buddy Lee Priest was 2nd place, and the winner was Gustavo Baddell, who was 3rd in the Olympia back in October. For results and photos go to www.flexonline.com. More shows will be going on nearly every weekend for the next few weeks so it is an exciting time for IFBB Pro Bodybuilding.

New Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing items are being printed as I write this so they should be up in the site to view next week. And more will come weeks down the road.

I better get back to reading and eating so everyone have a great week! Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from Feb 11, 2005

We've opened up the voting for the Fitness Contest Winner of the Year so be sure to vote for your favorite athlete up for the prize. Also this week I ordered another $500 or more worth of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing, and those items will be up on the products page in a few weeks. It is always a lot of fun designing new stuff and great to see people I don't even know wearing around Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirts they got from this website.

The IFBB Pro Ironman show is coming up next weekend I think. I saw some photos of Lee Priest 4 weeks out and he looked totally awesome. I think he'll do well at the show so I look forward to the results. The next show I will attend is one of the largest NPC shows in the world, the Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA. Some of my friends are competing and I have 4th row center VIP tickets for the show and my training partner Jordan is coming with me.

My new job is still going well and I enjoy working with most of the people and I'm learning a bunch of new things. I work 7-4 and then workout either immediately after work or take a nap until 6PM and hit the gym 6:30-7:30.

I posted about 120 new photos. I actually haven't counted them but I think I created at least 6 new photo galleries with photos of me from 2004, my travels in Northern Europe and a bunch from the 2004 Olympia. So be sure to check those out on the Image Gallery pages and the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding section.

This week I added a few more links as well so you can refer to the links page for general bodybuilding sites, vegan bodybuilding sites, health and fitness sites, animal rights sites and a bunch of general websites somehow related to Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness or Robert Cheeke(ME).

I don't have a whole lot more to add this week. I've just been training, eating, sleeping, and working on a few projects like ordering the clothing and linking up some other sites and adding photos. Remember to vote!

Have a great week everyone and until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from January 28, 2005

I had a lot of fun this week at the gym and on the basketball court. I had some heavy lifts for my leg and back workouts that I'm pretty pleased with. I've never been known for my strength, but rather for my "look" and conditioning. So to me, deadlifting 337 pounds was heavy. I know that half of you can probably do more than that, and that's great. I just recently fully recoverd from a 2003 back injury so hopefully the lifts will continue to get heavier.

I also had a 360-pound (plus weight of the machine) hack squat lift for 6 reps which I think was pretty good. Hack squats are pretty hard to do, and I had 8 total plates on the machine doing full range of motion repetitions. Today I was using a 110-pound dumbbell for behind the neck triceps extensions and it was quite easy so next week I'll try 120 or heavier. I'm having a fun time training with Jordan, who I've been training with off and on for the past 5 years. We have classic workouts an I think we're both really gonna like training harder and harder.

I also had a pretty sweet basketball game. I used to be a pretty good basketball player about 5-8 years ago but now I just play for fun with some friends on a winter/spring city league team. We were playing a team who beat us pretty badly earlier this season and it was close near the end and I was scoreless for the first time all season. That all changed with about 2 minutes left. I scored 2 baskets and got a couple key rebounds and we started to pull ahead. They were frustrated and committed 2 technical fouls and our best player made a bunch of free throws down the stretch and we won by 8 points. It was really fun to come from behind to win and it was our first win in the last 4 or 5 games. I burn a lot of calories playing hoops so I need to be careful to keep eating enough. I love to play so I keep that balance of bodybuilding and other activities that I really like, including other sports.

I'm working a few kinks out to upload more images. I have nearly 100 more photos I'm going to add from 2004. I just didn't get around to it and I ran into a few problems but they are coming soon!

I hope you have a great week and I'll extend another welcome to the new members who joined Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness this week. Feel free to introduce yourself on the message board anytime.

All the best. Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from January 12, 2005

Well, I walked about 100 miles last week. That was a lot of fun. I started a new job as a patrol officer, as I mentioned in the past and it's walking me into a lean machine. My body burns fat so quickly that I could probably step on stage tomorrow and be just as lean as some guys who dieted and did cardio for weeks.

My legs are especially lean and I'm just working to add more size now. I've decided to focus on just training with a few exerices that promote major muscle growth. So my training consists of exercises like deadlifts, bench press, dumbbell presses, bent-over or t-bar rows, leg presses, hack squats, barbell bicep curls, shrugs, military presses, and heavy overhead triceps extensions. I'm still training with Jordan and it's a great time. I see Big Ben in the gym quite a bit and he gives me a spot and we chat about bodybuilding during our rest periods between sets.

I will be posting more information about Raw Food Bodybuilding soon. Check out the articles by Don Weaver that are already posted on the site. He does some great work and I've come to know him as a very nice individual.

Mike Mahler is featured on this website now. I've known about him for quite sometime but we've been in recent contact and it's very nice to have him here on the site. He does great work with athletes promoting veganism and building their strength naturally.

I had some great conversations with good friends on the cruise ship I got off of in August. I phone the #1 ship in the world Celebrity Constellation and talked with my friends Desi from Bulgaria, Anna from Slovakia, and Kari from Canada. I hang on to friendships more than most people and I have friends in nearly every corner of the Globe from my years working on international cruise ships. I miss my friends a lot and many live in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America. I have countless invitations to visit them and I had the great privilage to visit my good friend Leonard in Estonia this summer.

Welcome to all of the new members and visitors. I know we've had a lot of new people stopping by based on my new links with other sites and my features on sites like www.rawfood.com and www.myspace.com.

I hope everyone has a great day and thanks for sticking with Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. I hope to open up the products page again very soon. Now that I'm working it should be easier to do that.

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from January 3, 2005

I had an awesome chest workout tonight. Workouts are becoming fun again as I train with Jordan, my training parter from years past and the guy who introduced me to bodybuilding in the late 90's. He's had a break from Oregon State University, where he is a student in his final term and has rejoined me in fun, entertaining, but serious workouts.

Aside from great workouts, I've also decided to try to move to more of a raw food vegan diet. I think a raw food diet is a great thing and basically I just get lazy sometimes and eat vegan foods that are already prepared for me and are not raw foods in their natural state. I've been over to www.rawfood.com and a few other raw food websites (a bunch listed on the links page) and I also have some new books about raw food eating, so I'll apply some of the new knowledge soon.

As I mentioned last week, I am working as a patrol officer at a business site that employees around 10,000 people. I walk around 15 miles per day during my patrol duties. I needed to get a regular job because I left the cruise ship industry a few months ago and and had not been working. All that walking keeps me pretty lean and I'm playing basketball too so I'll need to pump in the calories so I don't drop weight!

Last night I won a No-limit Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. There were nine players starting out and slowing one by one they were all eliminated and I was left with all the chips. It was a great time and always a learning experience. There aren't too many things I enjoy more than playing poker with quality players. There is just something about playing and winning poker that is very satisfying. I guess it's a little like chess or other games that require skill, technique and intelligence. And if you don't think those qualities apply to poker, you must not be playing at a high level or perhaps have never seen high-level players play before. I don't mean to promote gambling, I just enjoy poker and I had fun winning the tournament last night. It's tough staying up late and then having to walk 15 miles the next day.

Check out some of the new link and new posts about other websites to visit. Thanks for all the support and now that I'm working, I should be able to produce more clothing items and update the products page. Even though we've been shut down for a while, we still have Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing items in 18 different countries! Thanks to you guys!

Have a great week! Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from December 27, 2004

Hello my friends, this is Officer Cheeke. That's right, I just got a job working as a Patrol Officer, also known as a Security Guard. So I don't work for the Police or anything like that, but I got a new job working Security to help me pay for all of my trips and my large food bills.

Welcome to the new members of the site, and welcome to my old high school friends I've been bumping into around town. Thanks for stopping in to show your support and check out what I've been up to over the past couple of years. I have a lot of friends I've made during my lifetime from all of the different places I've worked around the world, and sometimes nothing beats running into a an old friend I grew up with as a child. I've seen some of those people over the past few weeks and it's a pretty awesome feeling. I'm also doing stand-up comedy with the friend I've had the longest. My friend Dylan and I have been friends since age 4 or 5 and we performed together for the first time on stage with microphones when we were something like 10 years old. We're back at it again 15 years later and it's a pretty incredible feeling.

I just finished a workout at the gym. Big Ben was there training Chest and biceps and I was working the back, calves and abs. Now I'm on my second post-workout protein drink, and also eating some broccoli and a bit of pasta. I'll get a giant boca burger next and then plan out the rest of the evening. I might be off to a party to see some friends, including Tim who orginally started this website with me so I'll have to pack some snacks.

My whole family has been in town this holiday season which is great. Usually I'm out on a cruise ship in another part of the world and miss this seasonal gathering. And throughout the rest of the year my younger brother Clarke is in Colorado and my sister Tanya is up in Portland, Oregon, and my other brother Ryan is extremely busy with work and also lives here in Oregon. So it has been really nice to see the family and hang out. Both my brother Ryan and my sister got married in 2004 so we had some additional people join our family and that was really cool too.

Well, the plan is to meet with Khan tomorrow and upload some images so hopefully we get that done. We haven't had a whole lot of photos uploaded in the past few months but they'll get there soon.

Have a great week of training and eating and spending time with friends and family.

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from December 15, 2004

This week I got up on stage and performed some stand-up comedy in Portland, Oregon. It was a lot of fun and cool to mention Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness on the comedy stage, introducing it to new people. Thanks to Dylan K and Dave Foster for coming to support Keegan The Vegan.

I had a nice workout about an hour ago filled with heavy deadlifts and rack pulls. I love to train my back. It's a toss-up over back or chest as my favorite muscle group to train. I can go heavy with both and really do some explosive movements that create a great feeling. There may not be a better feeling than pressing heavy dumbbells or getting that last rep in the bench press without any help from your spotter. That kind of experience will bring you back in the gym with enthusiasm day after day.

I've been eating giant boca burgers like crazy lately and enjoy packing in the extra protein. Two clif bars equal 500 calories and 20 grams of protein. Five giant boca burgers equal 500 calories with 90 grams of protein. Even though it's heavier food and a lot more quanity, for the same amount of calories, I get four times the protein. Not that they are the only two protein sources I eat, just a comparison.

Thanks to VegMike and the rest of you keeping the message board active. I'm going to try to get some new articles posted. I know we already have hundreds spread out throughout the site, but lately I've just been posting on the messaage board rather than writing actual articles. Our new contest winners will get up soon too.

Congratulations to my brother Ryan and his wife Stacy on their wedding over the weekend. It was a great time!

Well, I better go get some more food, so have a great week and keep telling your friends about Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from December 8, 2004

The answer to the trivia question last week (What liquid multivitamin do I take everyday?) is Seasilver. Seasilver is a liquid multivitamin that I take daily and you can read about Seasilver on the Nutrition page if you want more information about the supplement. I don't have a trivia question this week because shipping costs from sending out t-shirts add up and I'm running out of money this time of year.

Although there are no free t-shirts this time, you can still get one my e-mailing me. I appologize again for having the products page closed. After the Olympia in Vegas I didn't have much clothing left at all and I guess it goes without saying, but after a week in Vegas I didn't have any money left either, to produce more clothing.

I do still have some blue t-shirts available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large and those are going quickly. I hope to land a "regular" job in January and then get more clothing items produced. Lately, I've just been doing some odd jobs around and working on website projects and stuff like that. I work for Celebrity Cruises but I'm taking a long shore leave and staying on land for a while (I don't think they know that yet and hopefully they won't convince me to jump on a ship right away, I still have things I'm working ont at home).

Some big news coming up is my brother's wedding. My younger brother Ryan gets married on Friday, so just a few days away. My older sister Tanya got married in September. I'm starting to feel the pressure........just kidding, I'm cool. My youngest brother Clarke will be flying in from Colorado for the wedding so that will be nice to see him and then I'll see him again around Christmas time.

I had a nice workout today. I was training chest. Yesterday I trained biceps, triceps and abs and bumped into Big Ben. I chat with him each time I see him at the gym. I might be getting some more photos from him to add to his profile on the website. He's a pretty awesome guy and real smart when it comes to bodybuilding.

I hope to get a workout in with my friend Jordan (who I mention quite a bit, he introduced me to bodybuilding years ago) sometime soon. I don't really train with anyone at the moment. I hope to start training with a girl named Sabrina soon. She's a cool girl really into fitness so that will be nice. I was pressing 100's today and hope to always press 3 digit numbers when using dumbbells and keep on going higher and higher. Of course it's not all about strength in bodybuilding but it's nice to get stronger as you go.

Well, thanks to those who have been participating on the message board. It is there for anyone to use for any reason so feel free to write anytime, even if just to say hi.

I'm getting tired and need to head to bed, but have a great week. Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from December 1, 2004

Thank you to those who answered my trivia question from last week. The question was: Who said this: "Do we, as humans, having an ability to reason and to communicate abstract ideas verbally and in writing, and to form ethical and moral judgments using the accumulated knowledge of the ages, have the right to take the lives of other sentient organisms, particularly when we are not forced to do so by hunger or dietary need, but rather do so for the somewhat frivolous reason that we like the taste of meat? In essence, should we know better?" The answer is Peter Cheeke, PhD (my father).

That quote is one of my favorites and it happens to be from my dad in the book, Contemporary Issues In Animal Agriculture, one of his 15 or so university text books he has written. So it was fun for me to post that question on there. For those who were the first to answer, the shirts will be mailed out this week and Angie....I still need your mailing address please.

I have a new trivia question this week. The first 3 to correctly answer this question will get a free t-shirt. I'm in the giving mood (as I usually am) so I enjoy passing the shirts along to loyal website visitors. This week's question is: What liquid multivitamin do I take everyday? I've mentioned it quite a few times, because I really like using it and have been taking it for nearly a year now. E-mail the answer to robert@veganbodybuilding.com.

This week my arms were extremely sore. I did a lot of arm wrestling without warming up and also did heavy deadlifts, dumbbell chest presses, and shoulders presses so maybe I just wore my arms out. I had a basketball game and I could barely raise my arms up to play defense. I only took three shots and somehow made 2 of them, but with 1 minute left, I was at the free throw line in a very close game and missed all but one free throw. I just couldn't get the power to make my shots accurate. Luckily I made, what proved to be the winning basket in a 59-57 win over a team I thought would beat us.

The 2nd grade basketball team I coach is fresh off a 38-18 win and we have a game tomorrow evening, hoping for another victory, or more importantly, have a whole lot of fun and learn some new things about team sports.

I'm taking a few days off from training my upper body this week due to my sore arms. I've been pushing it pretty hard, lifting heavier than I have in a while and I think it is taking it's tole a bit right now.

I got a bunch of Olympia photos all ready to go but I have to wait until later on when Khan and I have time to get together and update them. You'll notice that there are a few new pages up on the site right now so check out Big Ben and the NEW contests.

Thanks for coming to visit the site and for those of you who I saw over Thanksgiving, it was great to see you all again. Spencer, let's hang out again soon.

Have a great week of training. Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from November 23, 2004

Time to give away free t-shirts. The first three people to e-mail me with the correct answer will win a free Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt. Who said this: "Do we, as humans, having an ability to reason and to communicate abstract ideas verbally and in writing, and to form ethical and moral judgments using the accumulated knowledge of the ages, have the right to take the lives of other sentient organisms, particularly when we are not forced to do so by hunger or dietary need, but rather do so for the somewhat frivolous reason that we like the taste of meat? In essence, should we know better?" The answer is somewhere on this website.

I'm still working on updating the products page so in the meantime I thought I'd give away a few t-shirts. I'll try to do something like this every week. Even if you don't think you're one of the first three to e-mail the correct answer, e-mail anyway and I have some other stuff I may give away. Those who know me well, know that there is nothing I enjoy more than giving things away or donating things to others. The main reason why I want to make a lot of money is to give over half of it away to different charities, families, animals, and good environmental causes. A lot of money is wasted by those who do stupid stuff with it, so I want to generate a lot of money over my lifetime to make sure it goes to important causes and helps a lot of people and animals and nature.

This week I hit my back pretty hard, lifting around 400 pounds for certain exercises. My leg strength is still a little behind from where it used to be but I'm gradually working on bringing it back. Tonight I'm coaching my 2nd grade boys basketball team, and it should be a lot of fun just like last week. I played in my own game in the adult league, and after being the leading scorer on my team in the first two games, I didn't put up such impressive numbers in our 3rd game and we lost by around 10 points.

I know I'm a little behind updating the Olympia photos and a few other pages, but I've been working on some other projects lately. I'll get these photos updated soon, but I realized that context is much more important than photos so that always takes priority.

Well, I've got to get going pretty soon, but I wanted to get that contest up on the site so you can win a t-shirt this week. Explore the site to find out who said that quote and e-mail robert@veganbodybuilding.com to send your answer. This page was updated Tuesday afternoon to get your answers in as soon as you can.

Have a great week of training and healthy eating. Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from November 17, 2004

In the past I've had contests and given away prizes in this section. I think I'll start doing that again soon. This column used to be filled with a lot more news so I might get back to that format and leave my regular personal updates for the message board.

As most of you have read by now, I was at the 2004 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas and even competed on the Olympia stage. You can read about that in my Olympia Recap article on the bodybuilding page. It was a pretty awesome time and great for me to hang out with the pros again. There are a bunch of pros who have Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness wear as well, which is cool. I should be opening up the Products Page again soon. I'll be meeting with Khan this weekend and hopefully get some new photos up on the site too.

I'm keeping a nutrition log again right now. I do this a few months out of each year just to see what I'm eating, how much and how often, so I can evaluate my nutrition program. My friends say this is obsessive, and perhaps a bit, but it doesn't take up too much time and it works as a tool to help me make progress so I don't see it as a burden or problem.

I have a new idea for an article that I'll write soon. The idea came to me while discussing vegan bodybuilding with a couple of friends of mine. It should be quite interesting and will be posted soon in the Why Vegan section and possibly on the message board.

Last night I was arm-wrestling a bunch of people. I beat all of them until the final guy. He's a friend of mine and we arm-wrestled and ended in a draw 3 years ago. This time he beat me with the right hand and I beat him with the left hand. It was a little frustrating because I out-weigh him by 25 pounds and he doesn't lift weights. Arm-wrestling is a tough thing and I've never been good at it. I was surprised that I won all the other matches because even though I can lift fairly heavy weights, I am terrible at arm wrestling.

I've got to head off to the gym soon, but in next week's edition I'll post some trivia contests and give away supplements or t-shirts for winners who are the first to e-mail me the correct answer. So check back for those in the next installment and it may not be exactly a week away, it could be in 5 days so just look for the date posted with the Keegan's Korner article.

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from November 5, 2004

Hello again. I'm back from the Olympia that was held in Las Vegas, NV last week. Let me be the first to tell you that it was an amazing experience! I even had the opportunity to compete on the Olympia stage. Details on that will be published in my Olympia Recap coming soon.

In addition to bodybuilding, I am now playing and coaching basketball. I'm on an awesome team called Sparkle Motion and I am coaching a group of 2nd grade boys. I had one 8-year old boy tell me yesterday that he's been playing basketball for 9 years. I thought it was really funny.

I mentioned before that I will be featuring my veggie friend on this site soon. His name is Ben and he has a lot of meat-free muscle. He has never had meat in life of 35 years and he can bench press over 400 pounds and squat over 500 pounds. This Veggie Beast will be up on the site later this week so come back and check him out!

I'm going to make this pretty short because I have lots and lots to do since I was away from home for over a week. But please check back with us soon as I start to post all of my articles and photos from the greatest event in Bodybuilding, the Olympia I attended last week.

Have a great week! Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from October 26, 2004

Check this out. Just days before flying out to Las Vegas for the Mr. Olympia contest I have poison oak scattered around my body. I was working with my dad out in a field picking up leaves and managed to get posion oak on my arms, back, a bit on my face, and hand. It will put a small damper on the trip since it will stay with me for the entire Olympia weekend, but I'm still extremely excited to see bodybuilding history this weekend.

I came out with my Mr. Olympia predictions and posted them on the message board. You can view them by scrolling down the front page and look for Olympia Predictions. Feel free to make any comments you like based on my selections or list your own picks for bodybuilding's top prize.

This weekend I had another basketball practice and it went really well. My conditioning is getting so much better, I just have to make sure I'm still taking in a ton of calories because I burn so many while I play. I think our team will do fairly well and I'll put in some points here and there.

Americans, remember to vote. I've already voted in Oregon. I know some of you have to wait until election day, but be sure that you make your voice heard this year.

I will be featuring a new guy on this site soon. He's a beast! He's 35 and never eaten meat in his life. He's been bodybuilding for 16 years and can bench press over 400 pounds. He'll be up on this site when I get back from Las Vegas. So site back and wait for Vegan Bodybulding & Fitness to unleash Big Ben - Meat-Free Muscle!

Well, I better get going and take care of this poison oak problem. There are new pages up on the site in various spots so login to see what's new. It will be listed for you when you login. The products page will be up again in November so check back then to see what's new.

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from October 18, 2004 Today I tested my endurance and played nearly two hours of basketball. It was a 3 on 3 game so it was non-stop running. I was guarding one of the most athletic guys on the court so it wore me out. For a while I was only lifting weights and doing little to no cardio. Now I joined an indoor soccer team as well as a city league basketball team to condition my heart and lungs.

I really enjoy the FUN cardio training with my friends and I'm still benching over 250 pounds. My friends are afraid I'm going to burn too many calories and lose size but I'm pretty confident that I'll be fine as long as I take in a ton of Calories and keep on training heavy.

I actually went to the gym to train my back just after playing basketball. I was extremely exhausted and had some blisters developing on my feet, but I hit back for 40 minutes and had enough.

You may notice that we added a few new people to the website. Suzette Andrea is new so please check her out. She is our Vegan Spotlight featured on the front page of this website and she may be contributing some articles in the future. She has been on a variety of TV shows, commercials, movies I believe as well and sings and does make-up for actors as well.

John Sanders is our first ever two-time contest winner. John is actually a friend of mine. That is not how he won the contests, I'm sure if you look at his photos you will see that he has a fine physique, one of the best on the site.

Jerome is our Chiseled Chest Contest Winner and he is also up on the front page with John and Suzette.

I also posted one of my old articles about body transformation to show how you can go from A to B in a short period of time if you stay focused.

Before I forget I need to send a birthday shout out to Josh Hansen. I was the Best Man in his wedding last summer. He just turned 25 and he and his wife Katie and a beautiful baby boy named Ryan. They call me Uncle Coach Cheeke. Josh and I used to coach basketball together a few years ago. He also won a championship coaching a year ago. Happy Birthday Coach!!!

If anyone is interested in seeing the results and photos from the IFBB Show of Strength that took place earlier this month check out www.flexonline.com for results and recap.

The Mr. Olympia is coming up soon. I'm already starting to pack! I'll have my predictions soon.

Time to go get some food so I'm outta here for now. Have a great week!

Until next time, stay SWOL!!!

Keegan The Vegan

Keegan's Korner from October 11, 2004

Welcome to all the new people who have recently joined the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Team. We have a core group of the "Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Team," the people who work on the web design, write columns, and assist in other aspects of business, marketing and promotion, but we like to call all of our registered users team members of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness too.

I've been lifting some heavy weights this week and enjoying that aspect of bodybuilding. I am playing on an indoor soccer team with my good friend Dave Foster. I get some awesome intense cardio done every Monday night. Maybe we'll actually win a game tonight.

My sister and her husband return tomorrow from their honeymoom in Turkey. They have spent the last 3 weeks in Istanbul and other Turkish cities meeting Evrim's family, relaxing on vacation, and having a second wedding for Evrim's family in Istanbul.

I have a bunch of new articles, features, photos, and stories I plan on uploading this week. I've been fairly busy working trying to make some extra money to have with me during my week in Las Vegas for the Mr. Olympia Contest. I am also a poker player so I've got to save a little extra money for the two days I'm staying in Vegas after the Olympia weekend is over. I actually need to go to the airport right now to pick up my sister and her husband so I'll finish here. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan />

Keegan' Korner from October 4, 2004

New things this week include our Chiseled Chest Contest Winner, Jerome Monaco featured on the front page. Our Quadzilla Massive Legs Contest Winner will be up in the very near future as well. There are some NEW nutrition programs on the website this week under the Nutrition Help section, and we also have some new interesting topics on the message board. I ate a whole lot of vegan pizza last week. Maybe I was inspired by our poll question about favorite foods. Speaking of poll questions we have a new one up this week about bodybuilding. Let us know what you think the best aspect of bodybuilding is and check back to see how many people agree with you. As I'm learning how to do all this technical website administering myself I put a few photos. The contest winner ones I put up (I know they aren't as pretty and neat as some other photos) but I'll learn how to do that soon. I also put one more of me up on my bio page at the very bottom. The products page is under a bit of construction right now. We sold out a bunch of stuff and we have ordered new items and we're just getting it all organized right now, but hopefully we'll have the NEW products page up and running soon. I will post some new articles later on this week. Clint has also added a leg training article that you can check out on the front page as well as the training page. Something to think about: "Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt Well, I'm off to do a chest workout today. It should be pretty heavy and full of intensity. I've been training alone lately and it has been going pretty well. I don't mind training by myself, I just borrow someone to help spot me now and then. Have a great week and check out all the new things we have on the site this time and see more as time goes on. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from September 26, 2004 I just ate about 22 slices of vegan pizza over the last day and a half. I'm eating a lot of food these days to bulk up, gaining size in the form of muscle and fat. For my chest workout this week I started my set of decline bench at 225 pounds and went up from there. I haven't always been known for my strength but rather for how I look as a lean bodybuilder. Now I'm starting to get a bit of strength to add to my overall bodybuilding program. I enjoy lifting hundreds of pounds and moving large amounts of weight. In the past I've leg pressed 720 pounds which I think is something like 16 45-pound plates on the machine. Perhaps I'll surpass that soon. Today I was doing alternating bicep curls with 55-pound dumbbells and recently I've done something like 36 pull-ups without stopping. I'm excited about the Olympia coming up and there will be lots of big and strong men and women there, and I'm going to do my best to fit right in. I am going to start adding a bunch of new links to this site. Now that I am learning how to do all the updates myself I'll share a lot of the sites that I enjoy visiting, including ones where I have met lots of other vegans to chat with. The other contest winners (Chiseled Chest and Quadzilla Massive Legs) will be posted very soon, possibly later this week. I've been helping my Dad all week long with farm work and I haven't been in front of the computer as much as other times. Out on the farm I was doing a lot of heavy lifting and he provides vegan pizza, stir-fry, and other foods for me while I'm working away breaking down muscle fibers and feeding them with great foods. My dad, Professor Peter Cheeke, is quoted in Food Revolution by John Robbins seven or eight times. Sometimes I do some google searches just for fun looking up "Cheeke" and see my Dad's quotes along side quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, Robert Louis Stevenson, Albert Einstein, and many others. He thinks it is fairly amusing, but I think it's pretty cool to be listed (in some way) in the same category as those people. There are some new articles, new photos and new message board posts so be sure to check out everything new this week. Look for new links and new pages coming soon. Thanks for hanging with us. Have a great week of training and healthy eating. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from September 19, 2004 The World Vegetarian Day Celebration is coming up on Sunday September 26th. The festivities go on all day in San Francisco California, hosted in beautiful Golden Gate Park. There will be a number of speakers including John Robbins (The Food Revolution, Diet For A New America), Howard Lyman (Mad Cowboy), Lorri Bauston (Farm Sanctuary), and fellow vegan Bodybuilder Kenneth Williams, among many others. I will not be attending this year but I encourage everyone in the San Francisco area to go and check it out. My cousin Lenore Grimes, who is a fitness competitor got married yesterday. I want to congratuate her on her marriage with Tracy Smith, one of the great powerlifters in the area. There are at least three competitive bodybuilders or fitness contestants in my family. Thank you for your patience as I learn how to update the website myself. Soon I will be doing all the aspects of the website all by myself. For the last couple of years Tim Martin and Khan Gorlewski have designed the website and have done all the technical work. I never knew very much about computers aside from using e-mail and a few basic computer applications, but now I'm learning how to run a very comprehensive website and I'm having a great time! I will have more contest winner photos up later on this week, but you can read about some of the winners listed on the front page right now. I recently heard from Clint and Casey and they will be sending me some new articles to post on the site, and I will also be writing more of my own and conducting an interview with a massive veggie bodybuilder. This week I kinda decided to head back out in a ship in January. I'm not sure, but I that is one of my plans now. I'll go to the Olympia in October, attend my brother's wedding in December and then head out to the Caribbean for 12 weeks from January to March. It is nice to escape the cold winter weather in Oregon to enjoy the Caribbean sun and meet up with some of my friends from all corners of the globe. Thanks for hanging with us and check out some of the new pages updated this week. I think you will really like the story "We Are Bodybuilders" I wrote and posted on the bodybuilding page. Explore the site because chances are good that whatever question you have about vegan bodybulding or fitness is answered somewhere here on this site among the pages of text and photos. A thought for the week: "To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice The Gift." - Steve Prefontaine One last shout out to Ross Duncan playing soccer over in Australia. I'm proud of you buddy, keep up the great work. I always enjoy hearing the updates about your success Down Under. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from September 13, 2004 I saw two of my heroes perform in the ring last night. As many of you know, for 13 years there was only one job I ever wanted to have. My dream was to wrestle for the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment). I came as close to anyone to signing a contract and working for them in 2000 (although not as a wrestler), but the contract fell through and I turned to bodybuilding instead. Last night I attended the WWE Pay-Per-View event called Unforgiven. Growing up and into high school my favorite wrestler was Shawn Michaels. His character has been my favorite in history. Another top five favorite in history is a wrestling character by the name of Triple H. I really haven't followed anything in wrestling for a few years, but one of my best friends, Josh Hansen invited me to the show. Seeing Pro Wrestling live for nearly the 10th time reminded me of how badly I wanted to be a performer in their industry working along side them, but that was just brief moments of reminicing, wondering what might have been. Anwyay, I just wanted to mention that and now on to other things. There are a lot of big guys at the Gold's Gym where I train, but the biggest guy in the gym is a vegetarian. I asked him how long he has been a vegetarian and he said his entire life of 36 years. I hope he will sit down in an interview with me soon and perhaps you'll see this beast on veganbodybuilding.com soon. His training partner is a guy named Tracy who is getting married to my cousin this weekend. Lots of weddings in my life right now. My sister last week, cousin this week, and my brother in December! I'm all set for the Mr. Olympia. I can't wait for it to get here. I know not everyone supports the IFBB pro bodybuilders, but if it weren't for them, I would have never been interested in bodybuilding in the first place and this site would have never been created. Thanks for your recent posts on the message board and you votes in our poll questions. Our new contest winners should be featured this week before Friday. So check back and see who won the last 4 contests, including the 2004 Vegan Fitness Model. Have a great week of training, and don't forget to eat 8 bananas for lunch! Just kidding, I just read that somewhere and thought it was funny. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! (Swol is the look you get after or during a training session when your muscles swell up with blood and look pumped) Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from September 6, 2004 I just got back from my sister's wedding in Portland, OR. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun for me to be involved with. There was a vegan wedding cake, vegan food buffet, and many vegans in attendance. Due to my large forearms, I tore a hole in the sleve of my tuxedo shirt while trying to put my bowtie around my neck. I was a groomsmen for Evrim, my sister's husband, and I also gave the first toast to honor my older sister Tanya, who is the first of my parent's children to be married. I made a bunch of new friends and got all the groomsmen excited about Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Now that I am back home from that awesome wedding experience, I prepare for my brother Ryan's wedding in December. I'll be a groomsmen for that wedding as well. On to fitness stuff. We chose our fitness contest winners for last quarter and those individuals will be posted on this website in the very near future, hopefully later this week. There are four new contest you can read about on the calendar page as well as the homepage when you logon to the website. I know many of you don't care too much about IFBB pro bodybuilding, but I do, and if it weren't for that federation, I would have never started bodybuilding. So I'll say a few things that exciting events coming up. I will be going to the Mr. Olympia contest in October. I just got an e-mail from Jay Cutler, who has been runner-up in his last two Olympia efforts, and he's says everything is going well and that he is on pace for a great showing at the greatest bodybuilding competition in the world. So, I've been back in the US for just over a week now and I've enjoyed vegan pizza, ice cream, cake, hotdogs, and other restaurant foods and home-cooked meals. It is nice to be home, nice to use the computer for less than $7 per hour, and nice to have an opportunity to train at Gold's Gym, and nice to be near family and supportive friends. It is nice to see the message board picking up a bit. I'm fully aware that most people (including myself) visit www.veganfitness.net. They have a powerful vegan fitness chat forum over there with a huge following. So I thank those of you who do pop up on our message boards every once in a while. I don't have as much time as most of the people who post over there and I just can't keep up. I respect their efforts and opinions, I just hope they do other things in their life, other than sit in front of the computer all day. I've only had the chance to meet up with Khan, the website designer, once so far. But when we meet tomorrow or the next day, we'll get some new photos up on the site and get a few more things going for all of you to be involved in. Thanks for voting in our poll questions, it helps me determine what articles to write and lets me know what topics are interesting to you. Have a great week and look for some new pages here soon. Thanks for hanging with us. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from August 27, 2004. I'm finally home! I arrived in Portland Oregon last night after about 12 1/2 hours on the airplane. Now that I am back in the United States and away from the cruise ship job, I will be able to focus a lot more of my time on this website. I had limited time on the ship to write articles, respond to e-mails, and make updates but now I'm prepared to do all of those on a regular basis. I really enjoyed my 14-week, 15-country tour of Europe. I was able to promote the Vegan Fitness lifestyle and do a lot of my own traveling, and had a great time with my job. As many of you know, I worked as a youth supervisor on a luxury cruise ship and it was a blast. I am taking a long break from that line of work to focus my attention to Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. (I am perhaps one of the few people who look forward to spending over 8 hours a day in front of a computer). In the past this page, Keegan's Korner, had lots of updates about news in bodybuilding and fitness, links to bodybuilding photos, and inspiring quotes and messages. I will bring those aspects back soon. Over the past 14 weeks while I was abroad, I used this section to give updates about what I was doing for all those who follow my bodybuilding life. When October rolls around I will be at the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, NV. I'm very excited to go see some of my bodybuilding buddies compete. While I was in Europe I sent some postcards to Troy Alves and his wife as well as Jay and Kerry Cutler. Both Troy and Jay should finish in the top 8 at the Mr. Olympia and Jay is one of the favorites to win. According to the small group of you who voted on a recent poll question, Jay is the Best bodybuilder in the world right now. So, as I said, I flew in last night. During my flights I consumed a lot of fruit, nuts bars, water and juice, but when I arrived in Portland, OR., my sister took me out for some vegan pizza and ice cream. It was great! My diet was very limited on the ship. In fact, I haven't had tofu in more than 3 months! I also managed to put on muscle during this time, focusing on high consumption of fruits, vegetabales, nuts, rice, peanut butter, and protein drinks and bars. I have lots of e-mails to reply to. If you sent me a message and it has been a few days with no response from me, don't worry, it's coming soon. I had lots of work, packing, and cleaning to do on the ship before I could leave. I also had to say goodbye to some great friends who live in all parts of the world. I'll give a quick shout out to some of my buddies I'll miss who may be reading this. Hey all my dupes, I'll miss you all very much! Goodbye for now Desi (Bulgaria), Maggie (Poland), Cati (Romania), Bryan (USA), Anna (Slovakia), Kari (Canada), Clint (South Africa), Eugene (South Africa), and the rest of you as well. Many more updates are coming soon. It is so nice to be able to use the internet without having to pay $7 an hour! All the best to all of you and thanks for your support! Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from August 14, 2004 Only 12 more days until I return to the United States. My European tour has been more than 12 weeks long and comes to an end on August 26th. Thank you all for the e-mails, questions, contest entries, etc. I know it has been a few weeks since my last Keegan's Korner entry but I'm sure you understand how busy things can be, traveling to a different country every single day. Training has been going well on board the Constellation. Usually I drop weight while I'm working at sea, but this time I was determined to do quite the opposite, and put on some muscle. I've gained roughly 8 pounds since joining the ship so I am pleased with the progress while working on board. Just a reminder that this season of contests comes to an end at the completion of this month. In September four new contests will be available. I also want to let you know that I have received entries via e-mail and post mail. If you are not sure that I have received your entry, please contact me. I've tried to contact all the contestants thus far. Just for a recap, the current contests are massive legs, chiseled chest, awesome abs, and vegan fitness model search. Please feel free to check out some of the new aspects of the website. Clint Cupido, a bodybuilder and personal trainer from South Africa now has his own column on this site. I am also sharing my stories from my Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness World tour. There is a link to those articles on the front page. I appologize again for the delay on some of my updates and replies in e-mails, I am in a different place every day and really try to see as much of the country as I can, as well as keep up to date with all the website happenings. Thank you again for all the support. I will start writing updates with more substance when I return to Oregon later this month. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from July 25, 2004 What beautiful places! I am referring to the Norwegian Fjords. I have been sailing through them for days, heading up toward the North Pole. We didn't get that far, but did see some amazing sites, stopped near glaciers, and had some million-dollar views of untouched natural beauty. I took over 220 photos in one day and I'll post some of those soon. I didn't have internet access for a couple of days so I appologize for the delay. I had a really intense leg workout today. I was grunting, almost screaming as I pushed out the final two reps of my leg presses. I was only pushing 400 pounds, but it was set up at an angle that is really difficult so perhaps equivalent to around 600 pounds set at a more popular angle. When I was in Norway this week I took some photos, posing with the beautiful backgrounds and although there was snow around, it was sunny and I hiked with my shirt off for a while and enjoyed a great day. I'll post some of those photos soon as well. I've got to thank Khan for updating all the webpages while I'm away. I'm sure we'd all agree he does a great job with this website. Again, I'm stuck here paying by the minute to use the internet so I'll sign off for now. I wrote a few new articles like True Intensity and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness World Tour, so be sure to check those out. Have a great week. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from July 17, 2004 I took some really cool photos of a castle in England yesterday and it was pouring down rain, but still a great day. I will be posting some of my traveling photos in a segment that will be introduced sometime very soon, entitled Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness World Tour. So check it out and see all the places I'm going to and photos from my workouts. I never did get the results of my trivia questions up in my last Keegan's Korner update. I'll will try to get those answers posted soon as well as create a whole trivia section. Judging by the vote total for the poll questions, it doesn't seem like too many of you like to vote on things, but I'll post the trivia questions anyway because I know some of you really like them. While I was in England over the weekend I picked up a bunch of supplements from a health food store. I only have less than six weeks left on the ship, but I found specific supplements that I haven't seen back home in the US so I stocked up to take them home with me. I generated a bunch of other articles and features and segmentsf for this website and they will be coming up in the near future. I think we've decided to introduce one new one each week. This is a short entry, but I must be going now. Have a great week. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from July 9, 2004 I find myself scrambling around again to get Keegan's Korner updated on time. I was visiting the city of Tallin today, the capital of Estonia. There are a few new pages on the website to take note of. One is our Natural Spotlight bodybuilder Clint Cupido. Other new pages include a new column by Casey Krebs with a new photo as well. I composed a welcome letter for new viewers on the front page as well as a new photo on the "Extras" page. A peek at things to come with my 2004 photos. I'd like to mention that I just got an e-mail from my sister, telling me that my Mom won a weight-loss competition at her Curves for Women fitness center. You may recall a month or two ago in Keegan's Korner I mentioned that during my brief visit back home, my mom was taking in protein drinks, meal replacement drinks and eating cleaner than I was. Congratulations Mom! Nice job and well done indeed. I return home in 6 1/2 weeks and I can't wait to EAT again. At least eat a more variety of foods than I am now. There is only another month and a half to enter the current contests on the site so be sure to get your photos and bios sent in by Aug 30th to qualify for the four contests going on now. I know I mentioned that I would give the answers for the last three trivia questions and I will do that very soon. As stated earlier, I'm scrambling at the keyboard late at night to get this done. I'm sure there aren't too many of you on the edges of your seats waiting for the next Keegan's Korner to be released, but I still try to bring it on time when I can. I will get the trivia questions and answers up soon. I may move the trivia questions to the front page or somewhere else on the site so they will be easy to spot. Have a great week, I'll add to this column tomorrow or the next day. Until next time, Stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from July 2, 2004 Welcome back to Keegan's Korner for July. I just finished a nice shoulder and triceps workout. I've been working out with a fitness instructor on the ship and we make a really good team. He keeps me really motivated and pumped. Today I trained solo but it was very intense and sent lots of burning sensations through my arms, which I love. I've had a few photos taken of me recently but I don't think I'll reveal my 2004 physique until later on this summer. I just put on another four pounds over the past few weeks training with Clint, but I need a little more time. Today I am in Sweden, it is the last day of a 14-day cruise where we visited ten different countries. Sorry I'm late with Keegan's Korner, by the way. I kinda lost track of time and searched the site today to see that I'm a few days late. We had the best group of kids I've ever worked with on a ship so I'll miss them when the disembark tomorrow in Stockholm. I will finish my Keegan's Korner entry tomorrow because at the current time I am being charged per minute to use the internet so I can't stay long. Tomorrow I'll have a better option. But, please keep visiting the site. As I am far away from home I am still contacting vegan fitness personalities to contribute to the website and they are sending new entries very soon. I will also compose some of my own articles and get those up too. Another trivia question is coming, I guess I should probably post the correct answers from the first two trivia questions. Those will come tomorrow as well. So I can't say stay SWOL now because Keegan's Korner continues....... Okay, I'm back again. I had to move rooms today on the ship which was somewhat of a dent in my schedule. I had been in the same room for just slightly over a month but in the last minute I had to pack of everything and move somewhere else. So I'm a little behind as I finish up this entry. As promised, I have another trivia question. Next week, I'll give the results for the first 3 trivia questions. Remember that the first person to e-mail me the correct answer will get a free blue t-shirt from the products page. This week's question: Rank the following foods based on their percentage of calories from protein. Number 1 having the highest percent protein as a percentage of overall calories of the food. Tofu Spinach Peanuts Peaches Lentils Kidney beans I really don't have too much more to add right now. I only get a few TV channels on the ship, not that I watch TV very much anyway, and some of my favorite sports are on this week. I watched table tennis today and the World Series of Poker is coming up in a few days with ESPN coverage. My ESPN is a little different out here, it's often in different languages, but great to see sports. Sometimes I even see bodybuilding and fitness which is awesome! Last week I saw Julie Shipley-Childs, who is on this website in a photo with me. I work in the morning so I'm off to bed, but have a great week and I'll catch you back next time. And of course....until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from June 23, 2004 "In 1900, cancer was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, and was responsible for only three percent of all deaths. Today it ranks second, and causes about twenty percent of all deaths. More Americans will die of cancer this year than died in World War II, the Korean and Vietnamese Wars combined." -John Robbins I have a tremendous amount of respect for John Robbins and all of the work he has done to improve the well-being of so many human and animal lives. I will continue to use more extractions from John Robbins' books on this site, especially Diet For A New America, which I have with me on the cruise ship. Just a quick reminder that we have four current contests going on. Check out the contest page or calendar page for details to enter. The contests running this summer end on August 30th and four new ones will begin. Of course I enjoy all the e-mails I get but I just want to mention that a lot of the answers to common questions are listed on the Ask Rob pages and Training, Nutrition, and Bodybuilding pages. So feel free to explore the site and see what you can find. Over the past two years I have composed nearly 200 pages of text on this site, if not more, just search around for it until you find what you are looking for. If you don't find that answer, please e-mail, I want to find the answer for you and list it here on the site. Certain topics I have saved to cover in one of my books, but I always answer questions I get via e-mail. Before I forget I need to wish one of my best friends Danie Elder a Happy Birthday. Although I've received e-mails from people saying they are "my biggest fan," Danie is probably my #1 fan of all. Danie and I have been friends for 8 years and she has always been very supportive of me, my company and everything that I do with my website. Her brother Kyle is featured on this site in a number of places (the blond kid who looks a little like me). Happy Birthday Danie!!! Ironically, again I am in Denmark as I write this. Three of the last four Keegan's Korner entries, I've been hanging out in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today it was raining but I went out shopping with one of my best friends Desislava. I pretty much just tagged along as she looked at clothes. I'm sure many of you can relate :) I was so happy to find a nice vegan-friendly store in England last week. I was able to buy some supplements, snacks, treats, and feel a bit at home out here in Europe. I have also been offered Moose meat in Estonia and see many fur coats in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, which makes me sad. I bought lots of jars of peanuts in Germany last week and I go through them like a beast. One thing that is great about working on a cruise ship is the friends that you make from all over the world. I had a few surprises this past week, when old friends from different parts of the world joined my ship to work. It was like a small reunion, and a great feeling to see them again. We are on a 14-day cruise and will travel to 10 different countries this itinerary. My training has been going well. I'm really pushing it hard right now, kicking out extra reps when most people would give up. Of course, many times I almost feel like crying from the intensity, especially when training legs, but it is all part of the dedication to excellence and training my mind to overcome physical limitations. This has been quite a long entry so I'll leave you with another trivia question, just to see who is actually reading Keegan's Korner. I'll list a question and give a FREE blue t-shirt (shown on products page) to the first person to e-mail (robert@veganbodybuilding.com) the correct response. Rank these foods based on their Iron content (milligrams per 100 calories). 1 being highest, 5 being lowest of the following foods. Sunflower seeds Tuna Chicken breast Spinach Blueberries Of course I know not all of these foods are vegan, but I like to show nutritional levels of various "foods". Have a great time and thanks for all the support and for buying and wearing around VB&F clothing and passing this site along to others. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from June 16, 2004 Hello again from Denmark. I was here just two weeks ago. I have been training hard, preparing for a photo shoot to finally release some 2004 photos on this website. I have a new training partner (while I'm overseas) who really pushes me hard. He is a big fan of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding and is hard working and goal oriented just like myself. Our current website contests are up and available to view on the contest page so get ready to enter this summer. We have four different contests going on right now....Model Search, Legs, Abs, and Chest. I'd like to extend a Happy Birthday wish to Khan, the VB&F website designer. He celebrated a birthday on June 15th. Ironically, Tim, the person who created www.veganbodybuilder.com, celebrated a birthday on June 15th as well, and both are just one year younger than me. Happy Birthday Guys! Thanks for all of your efforts and great work! In IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Darrem Charles won the Toronto Pro Invitational last week. He has had a lot of success lately. For results and photos logon to www.flexonline.com. I want to release a trivia question for those who visit this Keegan's Korner column. The first person to e-mail me the correct answer will receive a free blue VB&F t-shirt. E-mail robert@veganbodybuilding.com This week's topic is: Rank these foods in order based on their % of calories as fat. #1 being the highest. -Tofu -Potatoes -Strawberries -Bacon -Egg Yolks I will also mention that I finished writing 3 children's books this week. I really enjoy writing and plan on writing many more in the coming weeks. They will be published at a later date. Well, I'm out for now. Have a great week and I'll catch you next time. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from June 9, 2004 Greetings from the ship. We arrive in Russia tomorrow and we'll spend the next two days there. I forgot to mention that when I was flying from Oregon to London, I stopped in Chicago where I bumped into Chris Cormier. For those who don't know, he is one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Some may argue that statement, but others will argue that he has the BEST bodybuilding physique of all time. I've metioned in the past that Dorian Yates (6-time Mr. Olympia) and Chris Cormier (The Real Deal) have two of my favorite bodybuiding physiques of anyone who has ever stepped on stage. I was actually on the phone with Vegan Fitness Model Casey Krebs when he came by, so I kindly asked her to hold on a minute and briefly chatted with Cormier, who was on his way to Detroit for a guest posing apprearance. I'll switch gears now and mention that the Animal Rights Conference 2004 is just around the corner. Unfortuately I won't be able to attend. I'll be in Europe somewhere sailing around. The conference is taking place July 8-12 in Washington D.C. For more details logon to www.animalrights2004.org For years I have enjoyed writing. I started my first Big project when I was 17 years old, writing a long childen's book. Recently I got back into it and now I am writing a series of shorter children's stories. I was inspired to do so from my daily work with children on the cruise ship. The stories are great. Once I get them illustrated, hopefully they'll be published for children to enjoy. In IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Pavol Jablonicky won the Hungarian Pro Invitational. For photos and results check out www.flexonline.com. Melvin Anthony, who just won his first pro show a couple of weeks ago, slipped to 5th place in the Hungarian Contest. Some of you have asked about my other sports interests. Tennis, basketball, and table tennis are my other favorites right now. I really enjoyed watching the French Open. I am a fan of Paola Suarez, so it was nice to see her go far in singles and of course take the doubles title. The men's final was incredible and historic. Those who saw it know what I mean. I played basketball for 10 years and play a bit on the ship now. I'm cheering for Detroit to win the NBA Championship. One last note here. I will finally post some 2004 photos soon. I know the year is half over and I've kept myself hidden out at sea, ever since last October. So check back with us and I'll reveal the 2004 physique soon. Have a great week of training and healthy eating. Until next time stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from June 2, 2004 Hello from Copenhagen. Today I am in Denmark and let me tell you, this is a wonderful country. I've been to nearly 30 different countries, and countless cities and after visiting Denmark I would put Copenhagen at the top of the list of my favorite cities throughout the world. Or at least the most visually stunning city, and soon to be favorite. I will be back here every two weeks for the next 3 months so I greatly look forward to the opportunity. Thank you to those who have contributed on the voting for poll questions, posting comments on our message board and for visiting our website. We are still working on establishing many of the web pages. I am well aware that a few are not complete or up to date yet and I assure you that we are working on it. If you have a story to tell, please submit it to our success stories page. It is our newest page and quite empty at the moment. If your mood takes you, please submit a testimonial as well about how this website has helped you. Both submissions can be made to robert@veganbodybuilding.com. The message board is always open so post questions/comments there anytime. I am very excited about our new contests. We have 16 of them I believe. I think at first I may have mentioned 12 new contests, but we should have 16 throughout the year so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to enter and win. At this time you can check the calendar page to view the titles of the contests. Details will be released soon. (I have to find an internet cafe out here in the port to transfer info from my laptop to the website). In the world of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Melvin Anthony won his first pro show recently. To be honest, I don't even recall which show it was, and I think it took place last weekend. At sea, I have a hard time keeping up with the world. Thank goodness for the internet. My buddy Nasser El Sonbaty finished last place. He used to be #2 in the World, but that was a number of years ago and now he is struggling to say the least. I played basketball last week and the explosive exercise left me exhausted for hours. I've been training anarobically for a long time and my endurance isn't what is used to be. I'm playing again tonight on the cruise ship so I'll build back my aerobic capacity and ability soon. I hope all is well with all of you, thank you for your continuing support. Have a great week and please share this website with your friends and family. Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan Keegan's Korner from May 26, 2004 Welcome to the new look of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness! Thank you for joining us on www.veganbodybuilding.com/www.veganbodybuilder.com. Please take your time navigating around our new-look website to see all the NEW things we have to offer. The Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Team has spent the last couple of months revamping this site and we hope that you are happy with the new aspects and new tools here to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. This column, Keegan's Korner, has changed quite a bit over the years. In the past it was all about news in the fitness and bodybuilding industries, and then it changed to motivational and inspirational quotes and stories. Even further, it changed to give updates about how I was doing and what new things I was doing in my own vegan fitness life. It also contained results from IFBB pro bodybuilding, links to photos from other sites, training advice, etc. Keegan's Korner will continue to follow this format over the next 12 weeks. During this 3-month period I will be sailing around the Baltic (in Finland today), working on another cruise ship. When I return home to Oregon in 12 weeks, Keegan's Korner may take a different direction but right now it will be filled with random thoughts, stories, links and news. I am really excited about the new options on www.veganbodybuilding.com. Please search around the site to find ways to vote on poll questions, post messages on our message board, submit success stories and testimonials, enter contests, give feedback on articles, etc. Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness also has some NEW clothing items. These will be displayed on the website very soon, so please check back to view what we have to offer. More items will be released in 12 weeks when I return home to complete the ordering and designing of specific clothing items. We have our 2004 Vegan Fitness Model Search underway, so be sure to check out how to enter for that and we look forward to hearing from you. Other contests will be posted soon. Be sure to bookmark this site as it is going under changes nearly everyday, releasing new updates and new pages. Thank you again for supporting Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Come back and visit us anytime. All the best with training and nutrition. Healthy Food Defines You! Until next time, stay SWOL!!! Keegan The Vegan