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#1 Postby compassionategirl » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:27 pm

Try cooking celery root like this: (and for those of you who dont know what celery root is, it is nothing like celery at all. It is a round, brown, vegetable, white on the inside, a little bigger than the size of a male fist).

Get one celery root and slice it up. Peel the rough, muddy, stringy skin off the slices. And also cut the slices in half to make them smaller.

Make sure you wash the celery root pieces thoroughly.

Next, get a few tablespoons of olive oil and throw it in a pan. Place the cut up pieces of celery root in the pan, preferably lined up along the bottom as much as possible.

Next, water. about a cup or so into the pan. Make sure that all pieces of the celery root are immersed in the water/oil.

Next, squeeze a half lemon into the pan, throw in some salt, and garlic powder as well a lil bit (a teaspoon or so) of sugar.

Get an onion, cut it up into four big pieces and throw that in the pan as well.

Stir up the broth as much as possible without disturbing the celery root though.

bring to a boil and then let simmer on medium, covered for about twenty minutes.

Then simmer without being covered if there is still too much broth in the pan (This isnt suppose to be celery root soup!).

Stick a fork in a celery root piece. It should be cooked/tender.

Remove, cool, scoop out the pieces onto a plate. Be sure to spoon some of the yummy broth mixture over the celery root pieces.

Eat. :!:

You will either love celery root or hate it. It has a very disctinctive taste.

But a nice change from your common veggies for dinner.

I usually place the cooked celery root and the broth over a bed of rice.

very filling - a main course indeed.

So just to recap, basically your cutting it up and peeling it, and then cooking it in a mixture of olive oil, water, sugar (lil bit only)), salt (lots), garlic powder (lots) and fresh squeezed juice of half a lemon. I also add some parsely in the last few minutes of cooking (dried parsely flakes will do).

Make sure you keep your eye on the pan and on the level of the broth so it doesnt burn.

Tip: Cuts/slice the celery root into pieces BEFORE you attempt to peel it. Much easier that way. You will know why if you have ever tried to peel and cut one before!!! :shock:
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#2 Postby Purrpuss » Sat Jan 07, 2006 5:05 pm

I absolutly love celeriac, please post any more recipes you have for it as can never have to many !

Found a recipe for celeriac and pear soup I will have to try this week, if it works will post it.

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