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Re: PB2

#16 Postby Ellie88 » Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:19 am

I have the same problem with nut butters. I love them wayyyyyyy too much and can seriously eat an entire jar in a day. Too much of a good thing is definitely bad. I just can't have them around. So I was very excited to find out about PB2! I got some as soon as possible, but was very disappointed. I put a full review on my blog (http://dontwhitesugarcoatit.blogspot.com) but not only is it expensive ($7 for a jar) and has added sugar, but it tastes nothing like real peanut butter. The texture/mouthfeel is so wrong and it tastes powdery (not a huge surprise there). It is bearable in oatmeal, but doesn't add anything positive to the meal. I wish this was the answer to my pb consumption woes, but its sadly not :( I wouldn't recommend PB2. :(

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