hemp protein drink - suggestions?

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Re: hemp protein drink - suggestions?

#16 Postby xphilx » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:40 pm

we're talking about bed time shakes, right? then forget about fruits and all the other carb stuff and forget about hemp and replace it with soy or pea protein and then add some oil, flax seeds or maybe pb.
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Re: hemp protein drink - suggestions?

#17 Postby wearebroken » Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:40 am

my coworker bought this hemp shake powder from costco, its pretty tasty!

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Re: hemp protein drink - suggestions?

#18 Postby veganmama » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:20 pm

RawVgn wrote:If it doesn't taste good, that's your body telling you it's not food. Trust your senses-they're there for a reason.

And high blood sugar is not caused by sugar; it's caused by fat in the blood coating the insulin receptors which slows down the transport of sugar to fuel the cells causing sugar to backup in the blood stream. If you have problems with high blood sugar, the solution is to reduce your fat consumption so you can transport and burn fuel (sugar) efficiently. Eating fats like peanut butter is the last thing you want to do.


vivalasvegans wrote:
THAT is actually dangerous advice.

This guy is not a doctor.

High blood sugar can be caused by sugar. If you doubt this, talk to people who have almost died from too much sugar throwing them into a diabetic coma.

Also, it is not true that if something does not automatically taste delicious, your body does not recognize it as food... ever since humans have been alive, they've been taking in substances that don't necessarily taste pleasant as food. For instance, foods that are bitter can be very good for the digestion. Ages of wisdom and consistently verified scientific research are trustable. As always, use your best judgment sensibly.

RawVgn, I really wish you would stop hijacking so many threads on this board to hammer your weirdo agenda, and especially don't offer any more medical advice please.

PS thank you for not posting a naked picture of yourself in this thread too.


I like to mix my hemp with tomato, parsley or kale, maybe some herbs like basil or mint, a squirt of lemon or lime, ginger and possibly some cayenne, and salt.


xjohanx wrote:Oh, I totally forgot, cocoa plus some peppermint oil is awesome for most shakes.

mmmm... that sounds so good.
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