Ultimate Vitamin B stew

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Ultimate Vitamin B stew

#1 Postby sydney » Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:24 am

I love this recipe. I made it oneday a few years back in winter and it has been a sure romantic staple for my diet, esp when im trying to slim down or need a bit of a tonic, esp in winter. Its rich in amino acids and very low in fats.

Ultlimate Vit B Stew

1 cup Brown Lentils
3 Cups water
1/3 Cup Brewer's Yeast
handful Whole Dried Shittake Mushrooms
Broccoli Florets
Chopped Leek
Few Cloves Chopped Garlic
SilverBeet or English Spinach
Chopped white oinion
1/2 Chopped Zucchini
Himalayian Crystal Salt
Alfalfa Sprouts
Mixed Salad Leaves

Bring a saucepan to the boil with the Brown Lentils and Water.
Add in Brewer's Yeast and Shittake Mushrooms stir, on low heat.
Add in Chopped Leek, Garlic, Onion, Broccoli and Spinach Leaves and place the lid on the saucepan so that the veges steam.
Turn off heat and and spoon out into bowl. Sprinkle salt on top and add sprouts and salad leaves on top.

Eat. : )

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Re: Ultimate Vitamin B stew

#2 Postby steffapeppa40 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:46 am

this sounds pretty good----maybe when it gets cooler in my area, I'll give it a try!

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