Fast, Mini Thanksgiving.

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Fast, Mini Thanksgiving.

#1 Postby SeventhDay » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:34 am

I just got done working out and I wanted a rather filling meal... so I made this..

Soy Turkey Cutlets over mashed potatos

2 Turkey Cutlets ( I Forgot what brand it was ) [ 22g Protein for two small cutlets ]
1 Packet of vegan gravy ( Or make your own )
1 Boiled and mashed potato
1 Can of corn
1 Small tbsp of Vegenaise
A drop of yellow mustard
A splash of Soy Milk
A little EVOO
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper
Chilli Powder


Soy Turkey Cutlets
1. Heat up a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan
2. Bring the pan to medium - high, and drop in cutlets.
3. Season with black pepper and chilli powder
4. Flip cutlets when golden brown and season the other side.
5. When golden brown and crispy on both sides remove them from the pan.

Mashed Potato's
1. Quarter the potato and drop into boiling water.
2. When fork tender, remove from water into bowl.
3. Mix in a small tbsp of vegenaise and yellow mustard.
4. Add in a bit of garlic salt and black pepper.
5. Splash in some Soy Milk until the consistency is nice and smooth.
6. Mix in a can of heated corn

1.Throw down the mashed potato's and corn
2. Lay the cutlets on top of the potato's
3. After heating the gravy up, go ahead and pour it over the top of the cutlets and potato's
4. Finish it off with some extra chilli powder for a nice color and taste.

[ Additionally I used plenty of hot sauce and a bit of ketchup, but I do that with most things... ]

This is just a rather quick, very tasty dish. I just threwit together and I felt spoiled while eating it so I had to share it.
Now obviously you can roast some garlic and mix that in with the potato's, fry up some onion and mushrooms and throw that
in the mix... but I just wanted something quick and filling, so there it is lol.

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Re: Fast, Mini Thanksgiving.

#2 Postby C.O. » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:34 pm

YES! I love this. I am very much pro eating Thanksgiving style any time of the year. Also Christmas in July, and Halloween any chance I get to dress up. Thanks for posting this!


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