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#1 Postby Harley » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:12 am

Anyone have a good recipe for Seitan?
My friend gave me a package of seitan I ate a piece right out of the package. It is pretty good and I was wondering what you can do with it

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#2 Postby the Asocial Ape » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:34 am

basic recipe:
2 C gluten flour + 1 tsp NaCl
1.5 C cold water + 1 T olive oil

add the liquids to the solids

stir with a fork until it pulls away from the edges and is mixed in

knead, stretch, and physically abuse the rubbery mass of dough for five minutes straight. it's a great workout for your forearms.

after five minutes, fold it back into a ball, put it in the mixing bowl, put the bowl somewhere the cat can't get it, and let it rest for ten minutes or so (the dough, not the cat)

knead it a bit more and then fold it back into a ball.

cut the ball into eighths (subdivide more if you've doubled the recipe)

cook at 15lbs for 20-30 minutes.

allow to return to 1 atm normally (don't quench it in the sink)

for best consistency, let it cool before eating

stuff you can do to make it taste better

substitute broth for water
add 1 T or more tomato paste to the liquid ingredients

add 1/2 C nooch to dry ingredients
add 1/4 garbanzo flour to the dry ingredients

add pepper, red pepper, crushed red pepper, miso, tamari, or anything else you think might taste good to the recipe.

generally, if you add more dry stuff (eg - nooch), you need to add more liquid, and vice versa.
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Re: Seitan

#3 Postby JackinForSweets » Sat Sep 15, 2007 1:35 pm

Seitan is pretty much the bomb if it's made right. If it is pre-made (like the kind you ate out of the package) then you can really just slice it up and add it to stir frys and things of that nature. Usually it is pre-seasoned so you can know what kind of food it will be good in by paying attention to what seasonings are already in it. For example, if it is listed as "Asian Spiced" I highly doubt it would be good in marinara sauce!

When I was in Philly staying at a friends house this summer I had the pleasure of eating homemade Seitan BBQ "Ribs". My friend, Goldie, made the seitan herself, cut it into strips and then we cooked the crap out of it on her BBQ while smothering it in BBQ sauce. I know, REAL healthy, but I was on vacation and a guest in her home so I ate it....without much force =) I suck at BBQing anything (and somehow I was elected to do the BBQing) so some of them were burned and we all agreed the burned ones were best!!!

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#4 Postby DV » Sat Sep 15, 2007 5:07 pm

We eat a fair amount of seitan in my household, all of it homemade. There are so many different ways of preparing it that I don't even have a favorite. It really depends on what taste and texture you desire.

The Real Food Daily Cookbook has two easy recipes (both are just as good without the oil added) that are for baked seitan instead of the more common simmered. Vegan Vittles cookbook also has some very interesting seitan recipes that look easy, although I haven't tried them. Millenium's cookbook has a more involved seitan recipe that is really nice when you are trying to impress guests with pretty medallions.

I once asked the manager of Candle 79 if they made their own seitan. They get it from someone in Philly (at least they did at that time). I think someone could definitely start up a nice little business selling homemade seitan. It's like the difference between locally made fresh tofu and mass produced.

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