Please tell Leah Rinaldi to get civilized

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Please tell Leah Rinaldi to get civilized

#1 Postby violet13 » Thu Dec 01, 2005 9:27 am

Below is response I got from a man who sell deadly pesticides and barbaric traps.
Please ask him politely to stop telling people to drown mice in soapy water to death.
He thinks it is humane to drown mice in soapy water!
He doesn't think he is responsible for horrible suffering and death of mice by selling sticky glue traps and other barbaric traps.
Let us speak to his conscience if he has any.
I wish I can hold his head under soapy water for 5 minutes to let him feel what mice are going through.
Sometimes people need to feel exactly same pain and suffering on themselves to understand what they are doing to innocent defenseless animals who never harmed them.
Here is his e-mail address.
Please flood with e-mail and let him know that drowning mice in soapy water is most inhumane way to kill sentient warm blooded animals.
People should ask him to stop selling barbaric traps such as glue mice traps, snare traps, steel jawed leg hold traps, etc.

<<Hello and thank you for contacting Beyond Pesticides. We appreciate your concern
and your opinion. Our organization offers alternative ways to manage pests in
order to end our dependency on deadly pesticides which harm all organisms and
our environment. We list a variety of ways to deal with mouse infestations
including humane traps and regular ones. We do not, however advocate one type of
trap. We leave the choice of how to tackle the problem up to each individual. We
recommend drowning mice in water that have been caught on sticky traps because
drowning them is far more humane then allowing them to die slowly and painfully
glued to the traps. Some people do not have the luxury of buying humane traps
which run about $10 and up, when sticky traps cost less than a dollar. Also,
people who live in places like the city are not really ideal candidates for
humane traps as there is no good place to release them. If you release the mice
too close to your home they will find their way bac
k, and if you are in a city and there is no wooded area to release them, you run
a good chance of them infesting someone else's house.

If everyone were able to catch mice using humane traps and release them far away
in the forest or a nice field, that would be ideal, but the reality is that not
everyone can. So instead of using cheap toxic pesticides, we suggest
alternatives that are as humane as possible for both the mouse and the
environment. >>

Leah Rinaldi

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