Leaving some food for the critters?

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Leaving some food for the critters?

#1 Postby robert » Thu Jun 09, 2005 1:25 am


I'm requesting some advice on something. I really get along well with wild animals. It's almost like I have a stronger connection with wild animals than I do with domestic animals. Strange; perhaps.

Anyway, I know it's not good to feed wild animals directly or on a regular basis but what about this:

I like to take things like nuts and crunch them up into smaller pieces and when I'm out and about toss them in bushes and under trees so little critters, rodents, insects, etc. may find them as a treat. So I'm not leaving them in the same place all the time so specific wild animals will get used to being fed. I just like to distribute bread crumbs, nuts, seeds and fruit like apple cores in random places in nature.

I guess I see it more as a treat for those critters who may be short on food for that week. Do you think it's bad? I don't want them to depend on it, but again, I usually never drop the food off in the same place twice, always new locations, tossing out some extra (mostly all natural whole food pieces) foods for my wild friends.

Any feedback or opinions on this would be appreciated.

Thanks. Have a great day everyone.

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i got this one

#2 Postby bobbycore » Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:06 am

I remember one instance at my moms old work. She would work 3rd shift (at night) and when she took her lunch she would go out and eat her food and throw the scraps on the ground. After a while the workers started noticing more racoons in the area after she started but it took a few months. It ended up being pretty cool because after they fed them for about a year straight, you could coax them to come out of the bushes and eat out of your hand.

Now in your case you are not 1.feeding them daily 2. feeding them in the same spot and 3. attempting to domesticate them.

I think you are fine. You are not taking anything away from them by feeding them one time. They will still be able to hunt and scavange like normal. Just be careful what you feed them. I would suggest looking into what types of foods are good for animals to eat compared to what is good for humans to eat.

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#3 Postby V VII Hero » Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:52 am

I do the same exact thing. I dont know if its bad or not. but i feel good about feeding nature

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