Amazing pro-vegetarian/vegan movie "The Green Beautiful"

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Amazing pro-vegetarian/vegan movie "The Green Beautiful"

#1 Postby I'm Your Man » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:21 pm

I just saw this 1996 French movie called "La Belle Verte", The Green Beautiful, apparently now available in English, deutsch, spannish etc on dvd. And even the whole movie on youtube.
Excellent movie that make people think and laugh at same time. This movie was far ahead on its time and was banned in the EU.

The Green Beautiful is Mila, an half-human alien that comes visit Earth to help humans to evolve... She lands in Paris and comes accross the meat market and asks to a woman who paid for meat "You are carnivorous!?" After she met the alien the lady is awaken and looks at the raw piece of flesh with disgust.
Max, a man awaken by Mila touches the car of someone by mistake and then the guy is completly mad but Max tells him: there's wars, torture, multiple rape, famine and all this misery in the world but you complain about your godamn car? (...) Thank the cows for the milk, cheese and butter that you eat (...)"

On her planet, her people live 135 years old, from the young to the ederly they do acrobatics, eat vegetarian food, only raw, they are spiritually more evolved than us (they say humans use only 10% of their brain) and they don't have cars, money, televisions, books, and no possessions at all... not anymore. They sent Jesus (yes, Jesus was an extra-terrestrial ! Maybe also the Buddha and other Saints!) and now and then they send another to help us evolve. 2000 years after Jesus its gotten worse actually. ahaha ! More cars, more wars, murders, corruption, pollution... Of course you understand that those extra-terrestrials are what we could be if we would stop being so stupid and superficial.



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Re: Amazing pro-vegetarian/vegan movie "The Green Beautiful

#2 Postby Fallen_Horse » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:54 pm

Damn their garden food looks good. Also it looks like an interesting movie!
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