Dr. John Grey knocked carbohydrates on radio (pro Atkins)

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Dr. John Grey knocked carbohydrates on radio (pro Atkins)

#1 Postby New World Vegan » Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:28 pm

He was on radio's "Coast2Coast" which has 10 million listeners. He described how carbs cause blood spikes and dips, leading to deficiency in testosterone.

On his website he lay's out a healthy diet: eggs, meat, and has a section called "nuts are our friends"

Let's stop this nut from getting on the show again by emailing the show


Here's my letter:

I'd like to suggest not having Dr John Grey as a guest anymore. He's a psychologist who said some false things about nutrition and biology. He's not a dietitian, but on his site, he's promoting an Atkins-type diet high in fats of all kind - that is detrimental to peoples' health, and scares them away from a natural, healthy diet. As a health expert, I found his anti-carbohydrate comments upsetting.

I guess there's no way to keep the show free of out-right lies, but can't something be done? At least filter out anyone promoting a low-carb diet - the proof it's bad is the fact that humans are fueled by carbs; and nature's foods are more carbs than anything else.....
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Re: Dr. John Grey knocked carbohydrates on radio (pro Atkins

#2 Postby katz » Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:23 pm

I heard that show as well...

John sees things from a different perspective, for sure. He did have some good things to say though, about not using corn syrup laden foods, sugary, processed junk, etc. He is big into supplements, minerals & herbs especially.

Lots of hormonal talk, tying hormones into dietary choices & exercise...

I take the good w/ the bad, although he is probably not the best person to take advice from, especially if one is just starting to adopt a "healthy" lifestyle, as they may be easily swayed by John's "pseudo-science" & easy going manner.

Years ago Art had Dr. Lorraine Day on a couple of times - now that is a guest they should book in the future. I am not sure if George ever had her on or not, as I don't listen to C2C much anymore...

Anyway, Dr. Day is one who lives a true vegan/raw lifestyle & practices what she preaches...

Don't know if your email campaign will have any effect...John is a good "salesman" & George Noory seems to buy it "hook, line & sinker..."
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