Looking for people that want an interview or...

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Looking for people that want an interview or...

#1 Postby clark X kent » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:04 pm

that want to write a column about veganism/animal rights.

I'm currently busy with a new magazine.
I did some fanzines when I was younger but nowadays I'm a graphic designer and I want to make a REAL magazine.
I'm currently doing interiews with several bands, artists, illustrators and what not... but I also want som educative part in it.

I'm looking for people that want to write a small column about why they're vegan or into animal rights. People that model or did contests are most definitely welcome because i want to show people that vegan kids are NOT always the sterotypical skinny dude/girls. I'd be ho,ored if Robert or Octupussoir would write something small or would answer a small list of questions. Why? I looked up to them since I first got here.

AAAAAAAAAANY form of promotion is ok (pictures, ads,...). I'll put it in there. No problem at all and I won't charge anything. I just want to put a decent message out there and educate some people.

It's probably gonna be a full color magazine on A5 format. Limited edtion (100-200 pieces). After they're sold out i'm gonna put it on Issuu.com to save paper. I'm doing this all alone so it might take a while.
I slacked last time (actually I didn't.. I was too busy)... But I'm going to do this right this time.

If interested, please email me on:
xdidymusx@hotmail.com (that way I'll definitely get the mail)

Thanks in advance.
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