Your thoughts on Lululemon

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Your thoughts on Lululemon

#1 Postby pkjane » Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:56 am

I was under the impression that their most popular items were all man made fibres and totally vegan, and even fair trade and an ethical company.

I have a substantial amount of gear from that company for comfort, reliability, endurance and well...they're pretty and I'm not exactly at my most stunning when I'm sweating like a hog and breathing like I'm in a Lamaze class. The pants are butt magic!

But I can't find out for sure if they are and googling around I found this article:

If the products are going to be made in China, then they should reflect that in pricing or continue to be made in non communist setting so the workers receive fair wages, or some wages at all.

Since the price won't likely go down, they've been getting away with 100 dollar work out pants this long I don't see that changing.

What are your thoughts? Any information to share? I'm never sure with clothes and medication.
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Re: Your thoughts on Lululemon

#2 Postby vivalasvegans » Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:03 pm

i think their stuff is really no different than most other mass produced clothing we in the post-industrial parts of the world end up consuming. the drive for companies to survive in a rationalized profit-driven economy causes this. so i try to buy used as often as possible and make my gear last as long as i can.
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