Honey, I am confused!

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Re: Honey, I am confused!

#16 Postby Ellie » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:22 am

I don't consider insects animals, they are insects.
Firstly, like chewybaws says, insects are animals. They are in the Invertebrate class of animals; those that don't have a vertebra like arachnids and worms etc.

But getting back to the original question I feel that as honey is produced by bees for bees, like cow milk is for calves etc, then is is ethically wrong to take it from them. There are also the humane concerns of large-scale bee keeping such as killing off the bees in winter to keep costs done, removing the Queen Bee's wings so she can't fly away.... Small-scale bee keepers and hobbyists don't tend to do that though and they usually do care about their bees very much.

The honey bee is in real danger, they are being poisoned by pesticides and insecticides, their habitats are being destroyed, the Varroa mite is killing them and basically they are dying out. This is not just terrible for them but it threatens the whole of planet Earth. The planet needs bees because they pollinate the plants that other species eat, without bees (and other pollinating creatures) the plants would die out and then there would be nothing to eat.

I think that if someone is going to eat honey, they should choose to get it from small-scale bee keepers, organic if possible, and check-out the bee keepers to make sure they do treat their bees humanely. That way they are helping the bees but aren't profiting the uncaring large-scale producers.

As Richard says though, we do not need honey, so if someone just wants to help the bees then there are a number of things you can do and organisations you can support. You can even get bug nest boxes to give the little critters somewhere warm and safe to sleep. But probably the best thing you an do for bees is to plant shrubs and flowers that they like such as borage, buddleia (the butterfly bush), sunflowers, Asters, Lavenders - there's loads of info about which plants the bees love best on this site: http://www.themelissagarden.com/plants.html

If you really want to help the bees (and other pollinating creatures, and the world in general) then spend your money on plants, nest boxes and donating to the bee saving projects - you'll do a lot more good that way then buying one jar of honey every few months :D
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Re: Honey, I am confused!

#17 Postby VeganResistance » Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:07 am

Richard wrote:Honey is very easy to live without, and by comparison, as you say, living 100% organic and without car tires is very hard. That is why you presumably have people telling you to stop eating honey, since it's as simple as that, whilst the things you compare it to are not.

I don't think you should worry about what other people are doing, or not doing, there's no need to compare yourself to them, you should do what you think is right.

Just for clarification, my statement in regards to people not eating foods produced with pesticides is a reaction to peoples judgements. I don't worry _too_ much about what others are doing (but of course I do right, I would love people in general to eat drastically less animal products, supermarket food, processed food et, but I try not to hassle people too much about it).

I have very rarely had people say anything about me eating Honey actually. And yes, I could very simply not eat honey, or non-organic spinach, apples, or any other food product that hurts insects, but I've made my choices as to how far I am going with this I guess.
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Re: Honey, I am confused!

#18 Postby goob » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:41 pm

Rob_T wrote:
goob wrote:Also, chemtrails are fake. It's made up conspiracy theory bullshit.

Chemtrails aren't fake, same with weather modification.
That's just your opinion.
Perhaps you've already made up your mind that the government loves you and would never do anything in secret. :roll:

Anyways leave discussions like this for another thread.

It is not my opinion. Chemtrails are bullshit. I know this because I started seeing people talk about it online years ago and instead of believing everything I heard on the internet I did some research. Turns out that only complete nut jobs believe in chemtrails. Every study from reliable sources shows that what people are seeing are "contrails" or condensation trails, which are artificial clouds created when condensation forms around airplane exhaust.

Contrails have been tested with barium concentrations of 68.8 ug/L, the epa allows 2.0 mg/L in drinking water. From what I have read, the chemtrail conspiracy is a result of misstating those test results as 68.8 milligrams per liter instead of 68.8 micrograms per liter. One microgram is 0.001 milligrams. So, condensation trails actually only contain 0.0688 milligrams per liter of barium, or 0.0688 parts per million.

I don't believe anything I've been told without looking into it myself and I do not trust the government to tell me the truth. But, I do trust science, because science doesn't lie. Also, I don't expect to convince anyone that has already decided to believe in conspiracy theories, but I am not going to allow someone to just say some stupid shit like that and not get called out.

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