Bodybuilding Newbie

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Bodybuilding Newbie

#1 Postby michaelpeach » Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:43 am


Next week I am starting a bodybuilding program and having successfully lost weight and got healthy by going vegan 2 years ago. I am now looking for nutrition programs to put it all back on again. Doh!

My trainer is not vegan so I am having to do all the diet stuff myself.

I am 46, 6' 1" and currently #185. Trainer says a target weight should be about #200 but lean instead of fat like I was before. I have read the diets on the site but am unsure which one to follow.

Any and all advice gratefully received.

(I have taken on this challenge to prove to the people around me that you don't have to be a skinny vegan. Trying to knock down their objections!)

Thanks in advance.


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