Room for Rent Westside Portland Metro Area

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Room for Rent Westside Portland Metro Area

#1 Postby dreamingana » Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:25 pm

We have a room available for a friendly vegan (vegetarian OK). Our current fantastic roomate just got a better job in Tacoma, WA so he will be moving out the end of June, 2011. My boyfriend and I live in this townhoem which was built in 2006 and about a 12 minute drive West of downtouwn Portland. You can have your choice of two rooms, one has exercise equipment. Both have a very nice view of the wetland next to us. There is also a garden which is a nice place to hang out. We are quite and mature, my boyfriend could be considered straight edge (he doesn't drink alcohol, etc.).

Rent $500 (included utilities - cable, internet, etc.) Sorry, no pets.

Be well,

A.M. (Am is my new nickname)

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