Vegan Discrimination

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Re: Vegan Discrimination

#16 Postby blueduckxx » Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:23 pm

yazzi wrote:Hey everyone just wondering if any of you have experienced some vegan discrimination when it comes to body building and sports?

I have recently experienced it and I can say I am a bit heartbroken but know its only going to make me stronger!

Here is an email I recently sent to Robert via Facebook...let me know if anyone can feel my pain! Thanks Everyone!

Just wanted to tell you that I love love love your book. You have inspired me to compete in NPC fitness bikini contests and modelling. I have made so much progress from your book and Braziers - Thrive book. I have hit some snags along the way but am looking forward to showing people that being vegan isn't a limitation. I feel I actually have an edge above other competitors. I have recently applied to be apart of a national fitness and training team for fitness competitions. Even without looking at my photos they read that I was a vegan and based upon diet solely determined that I was not eligible for the team. In fact the coordinator said that "Unfortunately a vegan diet will not be able to produce the types of bodies that our girls have" (Bikini Competition Models). Yes, it has hurt my feelings greatly mostly because I really can't fight her opinions of vegan bikini competitors at the moment. However, I am looking forward to proving her wrong! I have decided that I do not need to be apart of this team to compete. I plan on doing things my way (our way!) and achieving success on my own terms. To be honest I don't think I want to even be apart of a team who discriminates or thinks less of the abilities of the vegan community. Anyways sorry for rambling! I just wanted to say thanks for your book! and thanks for empowering me and so many other vegan athletes!

wow, the nerve! that's ridiculous they said that to you :[

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Re: Vegan Discrimination

#17 Postby Kira » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:43 am

I can definitely empathize with this D: I come from a country in which society and even healthcare institutions promote consuming large quantities of animal produce, for the sake of 'health' and 'sufficient protein', which naturally results in widespread ignorance. There is not a single vegan eatery or restaurant where I come from, at best, perhaps, vegetarian, and never before in my life have I met another person who is a willing vegetarian, let alone a vegan (I have one friend who's a vegetarian, but only because of religious issues). That's how bad it is. As a teen, when I first told my friends in school that I was vegan, they literally laughed out loud. Then came the questions and statements of "protein deficiency", "how do you not go hungry", and "meat is good for you". Then of course, the perpetual remarks that I was not muscular because I didn't eat meat (I was naturally an ectomorph). This was really annoying, and its partly the reason why I started working out in the first place; proof that someone could build muscle on vegetable protein.

After watching forks over knives, whenever someone makes a discriminatory remark or asks me why I don't consume animal products, I simply shrug it off as being for 'health reasons'. But in truth, what I really want to say is "meat will be the death of you". Nowadays, the annoyance has pretty much faded, and now I mainly feel pity for the people who are destroying their bodies.

Sorry if I was ranting :P , but this is completely true

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