Anyone want to help distribute my book postcards?

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Anyone want to help distribute my book postcards?

#1 Postby robert » Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:27 pm

Hi everyone.

I have another batch of 5,000 book postcards coming next week. I hit as high as #7 on the Best-seller list in the category of weight training books, just one book between Arnold's #5 book and mine. So that was pretty exciting and hopefully will encourage many to eat plants rather than animals. I aim to hit #1 later this summer which should draw some good attention to the vegan lifestyle and will help position my next book to reach a greater audience as well.

Would anyone in the US like to help me distribute book postcards?

I can ship them out in the next couple of weeks and send some Vega packets along with them as a thank you.

At the moment, I can only afford to ship them within the US.


Thanks so much!


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