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Re: Looking to move - Where should I go?

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:45 am
by robert

Like I said, I never stay any place longer than 6 months. That's just how I roll. I have a unique desire to always change, which is what I do for work, my writing, my interests, bodybuilding or not, where I live, etc.

Always changing. Never know where I'll end up.

I may have mentioned in my first post, but recent places have included:

Portland and Corvallis, OR, Orlando, DC, Los Angeles, and significant stays in Maryland, Texas, Tennessee and a few other places.

Re: Looking to move - Where should I go?

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:27 am
by chrisdazed
robert wrote:I'll be passing through Vegas (for fun, I know it's not totally on the way from where I'll be heading) in a little over a month!

I've enjoyed Vegas visits and thought about living there for a brief period.

I never stay anywhere longer than 6 months, so who knows, I could end up there one of these days too.

I've been in Vegas since 98' except for an 8 month move to Eugene OR which was absolute Heaven! I loved it there, but before that I was like you always moving around, couldn't stay longer than a year anywhere! I lived in an RV for about a year camping at all the state parks along the Calif and Oregon coast. Then i lived on a boat for about a year living at harbors. Sometimes I'd just get in my car and go! But now I live in a big house that needs constant attention, landscaping and cleaning.....funny how things change!

I hope I can catch you when your in Vegas, I've been trying to get my husband interested in body building as he's kinda skinny. He recently went full blown vegan after seeing the video for the Veg News Men's Vegan in Vegas event. Now he's like the Vegan Police LOL! After 10 years struggling with being vegan and having a non vegan family I was thrilled to say the least. As funny as this may sound I'd also like to get my sons interested in body building too. I have 3 boys and one girl, my boys seem to be getting kinda chunky lately. My youngest son (7yrs) was born vegan, the older one (22yrs) struggles but leans toward vegan food, and the oldest boy (25yrs) dabbles with vegan food but I think he wants to go vegan too. I guess it's wishful motherly thinking that if they got to meet someone like you they might be inspired to commit to being vegan and get in shape.
Anyway have fun on your travels and your always welcome to crash here we have lots of room :-D