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paul smith men shoes spent a total of 3 - PlayPing

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ledong traffic police squadron of nine law enforcement real ,north face jackets for girls 2011 ghd black 年 1 1st, I long to open agricultural transport vehicles (Joan B3003) from the yellow stream heading to the Quo, channels Lao Zheng village road, my car is about 30 meters after about road accident . At that time, local villagers shouted me,north face fleece jackets, so I rushed to stop the car. locals think my car with the suspect traffic, put my car stopped and the police, traffic police ledong nine traffic police squadron arrived on the scene after the investigation, take pictures, then buckle into my car nine traffic police squadron. However, my car was detained for nine traffic police squadron So far, few have been reckoned more than 80 days, I still did not open the deduction of the list (card), there is no recognized treatment for any accident liability. I have numerous experiences of finding the traffic police captain Wang Feng, He does not always ignored mining, procrastination, poor work attitude, and to handle more traffic accidents on the grounds and told me many times to wait. Even worse, my car traffic police detained nine squadrons in the period, the car was stolen parts (batteries are poached, not feather and fly jack, full tank of diesel fuel consumption is also dry.) I a humble farmer, a family of six people's lives, thanks to the work of this car long transport vehicle to earn a living. Today my car was detained for nine traffic police squadron extended to my life and production caused great loss and inconvenience. To this, I traveling, Qiuqin care Qi, enough to eat, sleep is not sweet, depressed all day, leaving only a pair of thin bones. I know things can never find someone to go empty-handed, looking for relationships, asked a friend, cigarettes and bottled water, food, car, spent a total of 3,000. Spring Festival, I asked the traffic police squadron to nine the handling of traffic accidents. Instructor told me that the a person dealing with something you wait. I did not expect first-class on the other for nearly three months, also made a second inquiry transcripts. back and forth for that matter I am exhausted, torn, smoke and mirrors. In desperation, I posted on the network can only be the matter. Want to be friends and the relevant departments reviews and comment, to increase the visibility of nine traffic police squadron. Nine traffic police as law enforcement is the right of the people, benefits for the people, love the people, their dedication, serve the people wholeheartedly. How to deal with the problem of how to drag! under the departments for processing. Police traffic control department of a detained vehicle shall take proper care, may not be used. under the evidence of the accident. Traffic Accident accident shall set forth the basic facts, I and the parties responsible for and served on the parties. under On the need for inspection, appraisal, it should ghd hair straighteners be examined to determine the identification results produced within five days from the date of Traffic Accident. Based on the above laws and regulations are complied with. Here I have to ask the relevant public security organs of the traffic management department the following questions. Nine traffic police squadron 1, my car traffic police squadron was detained nearly nine months, why has not gave me the deduction of one (card)? They are law-deduction. 2, for example, my car is not a party but two sides of traffic accidents, traffic police should be deducted nine squadrons how long to release my car? 3, Why is my car detained for nearly three months, still does not deal with any traffic accident identified, is it because of work busy? 4,north face outlet, my car was detained for nine traffic police squadron during the stolen car parts and extended detention of my life and production losses caused by whom? 5, the traffic police squadron of nine law enforcement agencies to detain Wupaiwuzheng as a motorcycle, but while riding his motorcycle Wupaiwuzheng,ferragamo leather bags, law enforcement so they do it? ? 6, my pursuit of fairness and justice,paul smith men shoes, the results, I believe that fairness and justice than the sun's light still shining. ledong music was so enforcement of the traffic police squadron cattle. 2011 年 3 月 23 日 owner Tel: 15091984374 133551 2011 年 08 月 25 日 11:30 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Essays | Back to logs list the other: north face outlet |返回日志列表 mens northface jackets 136862 2008年12月19日 08 north face coat 48 阅读

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