Betty White and Friends

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Betty White and Friends

#1 Postby Baby Hercules » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:37 pm

Hey, animal lovers! You may not have known this but Betty White is a huge conservationist, animal rights supporter, and just plain loves being around all sorts of animals. She's well known at many zoos where she lends a hand and lends support on a regular basis. She's compiled an impressive collection of exotic animal photos taken by zookeeper friends over the years and she decided to make a book out of it.

I've been admiring candid animal shots my entire life but there are some in here that are so unique (and so cute) that my jaw dropped on several occasions. I actually saw an animal I've never heard of before. On top of that, Betty lets the photos do the talking. There is very little text to wade through, often only a sentence or two describing each animal friend. When she has a story, she tells it simply and with humor. I recommend this book to anyone who loves their friends to have fur, feathers, flippers, or scales.

It looks like is currently cowering under the SOPA threat so their "See Inside" feature is pretty much moot. However, Google, who is anti-SOPA, offers several pages of full color glossies: ... XDrooh6ooC

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