Fuck modern pharmaceutics.

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Re: Fuck modern pharmaceutics.

#16 Postby HorseSense » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:29 am

VeganEssentials wrote:Completely agreed on avoiding unnecessary intrusive medications when possible. Vaccines, I've always figured that for things that can be eradicated/prevented in great number (measles, mumps, smallpox, etc.) they're good things, but I'll always hold firm to avoiding flu shots since there's no way to know if they'll even work due to continual mutations of the flu virus (not to mention, the less weird stuff I put in me, the better).

But, of course, I'll always side by some things, such as the surgeries that saved my vision. No amount of naturopathic treatment or food-based treatment could have done the same thing to keep my sight with the extremely fast onset of my symptoms (when you risk losing a few percentages of total vision per week without immediate medical care, there's no time to have faith in anything else), so I'll always be grateful for many things that modern medicine has done. Of course, I still suffer from some side effects of the treatment (sometimes you just can't win with pharmaceuticals), but the alternative of blindness was much, much worse!

I agree about holding a balanced view on medicine and the medical community. My nephew is the only one in my family who gets flu shots (against the strong advice of his mother/my sister) and gets really sick afterwards and is the only one who gets that sick. Its not rocket science to draw conclusions on what is right and wrong when it comes to medicine.
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