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#1 Postby robert » Tue May 29, 2012 2:27 pm

FREE SHIPPING UNTIL MAY 31, 2012! Read below for coupon code

From the newsletter I just got in my email:

Our latest rescues and June's tour schedule.

We got wind of a local community member nearby who was struck with illness and needed a home for two baby African Grey Parrots. We couldn't pass on helping out. Last week, we welcomed Phantom and Shadow to our household and they are just the CUTEST!! The best part is that we have already found a home for them. They will be placed in about a month. For now, we are caring for them and showing the lil' guys lots of love. Because of her illness, she wasn't able to show them the attention they need and as you can see, they've been plucking a bit. We are making sure to spend plenty of time with them. Perhaps there will be some new artwork on your packages. They're both on my shoulder right now actually and wanted to introduce themselves. Say hello!

June's Tour Schedule

We will be hitting the road next month and possibly coming to a city near you! If you're in the neighborhood, stop by our booth for samples, show specials, contests and to meet the crew!

-June 16th and 17th: NYC at The Seed Expo with Brendan Brazier and many other awesome speakers / exhibitors.
-June 23rd (June 30th is the rain date): Richmond, Virginia VegFest.

Discounts and updates from the VeganProteins lab

*We are unfortunately out of stock on Vega Whole Food Optimizer in Natural however we still have some Berry, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate left so there is still a chance to get in on the big sale.

*Phantom and Shadow insist that we offer a little promo and we say, why not?!

**FREE SHIPPING** for the next 3 days!!! For all orders that are placed by Friday before 12:01am PST, please use the checkout code: forthebirds (this cannot be combined with any other offers or specials). We also have a free tote bag AND shaker bottle for all orders of $125 in Vega or more

*VEGA PROTEIN BARS are now on sale the next 3 days for the lowest price that we are allowed to resell them at, $33.59. There is no checkout code needed for this. The price will be adjusted. These bars are so yummy and good for you that we simply had to hook it up.

New supplements!

*We have added lots of terrific new products just recently: VitaShine Vegan D3, Vega SaviSeeds, HealthForce Nutritionals Warrior Food Protein, Vitamineral Green & Vitamineral Earth!!! There are some links to the right to find out more about them and of course you can always check them out on our site.

That's pretty much it, short and sweet. We will continue to keep you updated with new additions to our store, sales, our tour and changes. We finally found someone to develop a new site for us so stay tuned, there are going to be some MAJOR changes coming in the next couple of months.

We thank you for living a compassionate and healthy lifestyle. Let's live with the Earth, not on it ;)

Some SALES going on:

* VEGA Shake n Go Smoothie 40%off MSRP $15 per 300g pouch (LIMITED TIME ONLY.., sale ends when we run out)

* Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer 41% off MSRP, Large Tub $44.95. An awesome formula that has been discontinued is almost gone for good. VegaOne replaces Whole Food Optimizer going forward but for now we still have some of the old stuff which is pretty darn nutritious!

* New Vega SaviSeeds!! $9.99 (5oz - 5 servings)

Not only are they a superior source of Protein and Fiber, these ancient peruvian seeds are the best source of omega 3's on the planet! So the next time someone tells you that you need fish in your diet for omega 3's, you can use SaviSeeds as an example of why this is just not true. SaviSeeds contain 17x more omega 3's by volume than Salmon. GO VEGAN!!

* VitaShine Vegan D3 $23.75 (5000IU softgels, 60 servings)

Until just recently, there was no such thing as a valid source of D3 for Vegans, only D2... until now. Vitashine D3 is sourced from Lichen, which is a plant. Forget worrying about nasty gelatine, porcine and shellac caps. There is also no need for yucky Lanolin. GROSS!! You won't find any of that stuff here. Click on the pic to read more about this amazing product that we are thrilled to be carrying.

Follow on Facebook and Twitter @VeganProteins so you can keep up to date with news, such as this 3-day FREE SHIPPING SALE!


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