Thanks for the kind words

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Thanks for the kind words

#1 Postby robert » Sun Jul 10, 2005 12:17 am

I thought I'd take this opportunity on my 400th message board post to thank you all for the nice things that you say. As I scroll through the posts that others make, I see my name mentioned quite a bit.

In the beginning I had the website and it was mostly about me and my own vegan bodybuilding journey. Then I expanded it to and focused on a variety of athletes and contest winners. Then recently we decided to revamp our forum and we've generated a nice vegan online community that seems to grow all the time.

Through this forum, I've become good "friends" with many of you I've never met in person. Thanks for your friendship and support.

As I said, I scroll through the posts and see people like Natalie, Kollision, Topher, CollgeB, and many others mentioning my name, thanking me for the site, or for some sort of inspiration I may have brought about.

So, please allow me to thank all of you, if not for you, there would be no reason for this site and nobody would come to visit it. I imagine people would get pretty tired of just seeing Robert Cheeke all the time.

Thank you for your involvement, thank you for the kinds words, and I know I didn't acknowledge all of you, but all the support helps keep me going.

I hope we continue to expand and reach a lot of people and save a lot lives.

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