OliveBlood's Philosophical Quest: Non-training version

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OliveBlood's Philosophical Quest: Non-training version

#1 Postby OliveBlood » Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:16 am

Since people seem ill inclined to actually respond to the things I post in my training journal, I'll log some of my other thoughts here in this thread and see how it goes.

Item of business #1: Tonight I hung out with my girlfriend and several people roughly our age. I'm 25. My girlfriend I believe is 24, and some of the other people were also roughly mid 20's. Two men were 26. They were complaining about "getting old" and lacking energy etcetera.

I was floored because in my way of thinking, I'm at least another DECADE from my physical prime. At age 45 I intend to be stronger and more fit than I am right now. I have no idea why 26 would be considered "getting old" by anybody.

I came to realize that it amazes me how much we humans try to hide from our age, because we hide not from the things that make aging suck but from the visible appearance of aging. People put on their makeup and dye their hair and get plastic surgery and so on to make a fat, weak, decrepit body appear youthful, when they could just as well let their face/head go completely natural but instead invest their time into eating well and exercising, and while looking "older" they would have the actual essence of youth - speed, energy, flexibility, strength, durability, good health.

By having your priorities in different places, you can change over from being a tarted up walking corpse like most people over age 30 to actually being a vital and youthful human being.

I guess what I don't understand is why people hit a certain milestone in their lives (usually graduating highschool or getting married) and then decide "well, my time is passed, time to get fat and rot away until I physically meld with the couch in my living room." I have personally met men in their MID 60's who can and will beat the crap out of young men in their 20's. My own father was still pulling some amazing feats of strength most people my age can't even touch when he was 58.

You reap what you sow - whatever your goal is, whatever you put effort into, that will be your reward. I, who exercise diligently and constantly try to get stronger, more flexible, more coordinated, more enduring, who eat very well and take some extra precautions for the sake of my health, I expect that I might end up like the "old men" I've observed - gray haired but none the worse for wear. People who invest into their bodies with bad food, a sedentary lifestyle and a defeatist attitude will get exactly what they have been moving towards - a crippled body doomed to premature death.

There's hardly any excuse to suck, age is in your head in my opinion. Run, climb, swim, lift, throw, work, stretch, dance, fight, tumble. We as aspiring bodybuilders are in just that same business - to build a body up in every dimension to the level we want it to be at. The body was meant to be used, use it and you will be rewarded, maintain it and you will be rewarded even greater.

Frankly, if I can get a little bit personal, I don't understand how a woman could have sex with her husband if he was a couch potato - why would she want to? Why would a man be attracted to a wife who was a landwhale or a nasty skeletal ghoul? Vegetarianism and yoga have been creating hot old ladies for time eternal, and weight lifting and good diets have been making normal men into silver haired Greek gods since the dawn of man.

When I am "old," I intend to be this guy but without the bad MMA: (Video)

Through diet and the physical culture, we can get the most out of life.

I just don't understand how anybody can think otherwise.

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Re: OliveBlood's Philosophical Quest: Non-training version

#2 Postby Mini Forklift Ⓥ » Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:54 pm

Good stuff, I'll be following along. Must be another update by now :wink: Commented a couple of days ago on your other 'philosophical' log.

Hope you have had a great week MF.

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