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Hardly something to celebrate

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 11:47 pm
by compassionategirl
Today, the Canadian news reported that America has opened up its border to Canadian "beef". After the scare of mad cow disease, the US had banned canadian "beef" and today a court lifted the injunction. This is being celebrated by Canadians and American meat lovers alike, and indeed most people who were concerned about the "Canadian economy." The news proudly and happily reported that the first "shipment" of 35 "heads of cattle" were transported today from Calgary to Pennsylvania destined for a slaugherhouse in pennsylvania.

And apparently, all of this is "good news" and "occasion to celebrate."

Have any of these celebrating fools stopped to consider how HOT and HUMID the weather was today and the fact that the drive from Calgary to Pennsylvanis is in excess of 5 hours? Did any of them stop and consider how THEY would feel if they were packed with 34 other humans in a transport truck with some holes in it in this treacherous heat and humidity, commuting 5 hours on a bumpy and noisy highway, with no food or water or any other measure to make the unbearable heat somewhat more bearable? or, have they put their minds to the fact that 35 "heads of cattle" are each gentle, unique, feeling, sentient beings that are innocent and committed no crimes other than being unfortunate enough to be born a bovine instead of a homo sapien?

I am amazed at how the media reports on these issues. It is NEVER from the animals' perspective, and the animals are referred to practically as widgets. What really gets me is that the media is not even afraid to show the images of actual cows loading off the truck and into a slaugherhouse. They are so sure that even images of actual living, breathing, moving beings with faces of their very own will not cause humans to see them as anything other than next week's steak. What will it take for people to see these animals for the special and unique beings that they are, insteadof "food"? Why is this country celebrating the "transport" of 35 innocent animals to their horrific deaths in a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse, and gearing up for the next "load"?

It was utterly ridiculously hot and humid today. IT was a record high ever, and "humans" were warned to stay in doors. The meat industry doesnt even give a damn about maybe holding off on the transport until the heat broke a little, so that the animals dont suffocate in the sweltering heat during a five hour hellish ride. ANd yet, people actually continue deluding themselves into thinking that the meat industry isnt "as bad as vegans say". Wake up and smell the coffee people - each and every meat eater has personally bore witness to the callousness and cruelty of the meat industry, because we have all seen truckloads of animals on highways in the FREEZING winter or SWELTERING summers.You dont have to actually see inside of a slaughterhouse to know that the meat industry is evil and greedy, greedy, greedy. It doesnt care about your health, and it cares even less about some basic kindness towards innocent animals. IT aint rocket sceince, it is common sense.

How f%$^cked up are we, and how many more BILLIONS of innocent lives must be brutally stolen until people snap the F$#CK out of it????

A cow isn't food anymore than is your family pet, me, or your human children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANother thing that pisses me of since I am already pissed right now is this bull shit about how "no one was killed by hurricane Emily that hit mexico last night" I have been to Cancun and it is full of stray dogs and cats, many of whom I am sure drowned and persihed, terrified and alone. What about that 'count'? What about that "loss of life." HUmans arent the only species of beings that are precious, that matter in this world, and that are worthy of "news time." Nobody ever speaks of the lost non-human lives in the face of natural disasters, and I am sick of our species arrogance in thinking that we are so damn special. :evil:

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 6:38 am
by kollision
Bull crap. But ya, the news is always like this, humans are the top priority. Please let there be some alien invasion! This world sucks. Perhaps one day animals will become more intelligent than us and make us their "cattle"? That would put a smile on my face.

Funny thing is how you mentioned being packed with 34 other humans. Sadly enough, people that come from China (on their own free will in those cargo holds) get more sympathy than these animals that are forced.

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:02 pm
by chesty leroux
I've started to realize that people only see animals as animals when it is convenient for them. Like when they are cute or funny. But as soon as it comes to them being abused and eaten there is this line that people wont cross in their heads. It's a feigned ignorance. I hope that makes sense.

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:49 pm
by compassionategirl
chesty leroux wrote:But as soon as it comes to them being abused and eaten there is this line that people wont cross in their heads. It's a feigned ignorance.

I love the way you put that Ash - that is exactly it!!! feigned ignorrance!!