was nearly a contestant on big brother!

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was nearly a contestant on big brother!

#1 Postby Tefnut » Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:12 am

I nearly passed all stages to make it into the BB house with my intent to educate/promote veganism and enlighten people on animal abuse etc. But failed at the last stage. sorry guys! feel I've let many people down. was so exhausted by end of the day I messed up in the diary room. but they told me to come back next year and try! was do close. ...outta thousands of people made it to probably the last 30 or do people. Gutted. I could of made a difference. :-(

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Re: was nearly a contestant on big brother!

#2 Postby Back-space » Tue Mar 11, 2014 5:51 pm

Sorry you didn't make it in :( Would have started it. I wouldn't beat yourself up over it, though. There's been plenty of educational material on television that falls on deaf ears. Though it's nice to see vegans on T.V and get to get the message out there, I'm sure you can do just as much with people you run into day to day :)

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Re: was nearly a contestant on big brother!

#3 Postby AndiMorris » Wed Mar 12, 2014 4:06 am

Ah that's a shame. It was worth a shot though. Better luck next time.

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