German Vegans

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German Vegans

#1 Postby robert » Sun Aug 07, 2005 7:15 pm

Hello everyone,

I've always considered England to be the most vegan friendly country in the world, and the United States probably #2 (even though we do so many anit-vegan things here, there are some large vegan communities all throughout the US).

Recently I've noticed lots of German vegans. I was in Germany last year for a short time but I guess I didn't really think of Germany as one of the most vegan friendly places, but check this out. I sell my Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirts, and people from 22 different countries have them by now, but recently no country (other than the US) has ordered more than people from Germany! Granted I don't sell a tremendous amount of them internationally, but it was cool to open up the little e-mail that confirms the order and gives the address and I was getting multiple e-mails over the past few weeks from Vegan Athletes from Germany :P

Not all of them are here on the forum, most website visitors do not register on the forum, but occasionally stop by and read some posts. A lot of people read the info on the main site and look through photos.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank the German Vegans for wearing our shirts around over there. Now Daywalker, you'll have to get one too now! Maybe you'll need an XL with those muscles that pop out from everywhere! :wink:

I know we have people from all over, and most of us haven't traveled too extensively so please feel free to share information about veganism where you live. Is it popular? Are there lots of vegan restaurants? Do most people know what vegan is? You'd be surprises, a lot of people, even around the Pacific Northwest where I live, don't know what veganism is :!: :?

Have a nice day everyone, now I'm off to go eat and do push-ups and sit-ups (although not with a full stomach).

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Re: German Vegans

#2 Postby Daywalker » Mon Aug 08, 2005 5:02 pm

Hey Robster my mobster :D

That's weird, really! I know there are some vegans around here in Germany, but i've never met another BBer. I think the vegan/AR-scene is quite small, but growing 8)

robert wrote:Now Daywalker, you'll have to get one too now! Maybe you'll need an XL with those muscles that pop out from everywhere! :wink:

Better gimme an M if you want anything to pop out anywhere ;)
XL can cover me completely :lol:

But i think i'll order one soon. I feel this strange compulsion... i can't help... :shock:
No one said it would be easy.

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