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#16 Postby kollision » Thu Sep 01, 2005 12:03 am

V VII Hero wrote:
kollision wrote:
V VII Hero wrote:sorry koll, Im not the best at typing out what I mean. Im horrible with grammar and english.

Ah its cool mate. You speak any other languages bro?

haha no not really. pretty much after I got done with all my honors english classes (graduated highschool), I completely forgot how to form proper sentences, and everything, and went back to my snowboard slang and horrid sentence structure.

I was semi-fluent in spanish due to taking 3-4 yrs of it in HS, and my best friend being puerto-rican, but I dont get much practice with spanish any more.

I also know a lil Polish cause of my mom's relatives. simple phrases like "give me a kiss" and some really long song.

and sign language cause of my sister (handicaped) and mom (teaches handicapped preschool).

and I started teaching myself japanese, but decided to stop until I can learn it in a classroom.

back in HS, I took one of those ASVAB tests and apparently I can learn languages twice as fast as the "average" person. (same for math). but I have yet to put my ability to the test.... a main reason I want to try to take classes on japanese.

what about you? do you speak any other languages?

I know some olelo makuahine (hawaiian), hindi/urdu (I can talk with friends in that), and some Arabic and Hebrew words.

Japanese is really hard and would be better in a class room area.

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