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#16 Postby FormicaLinoleum » Sat Sep 17, 2005 8:21 pm

I agree Nobbi--there are many reasons that people get into accidents. Many involve negligence, and sometimes they really are just accidents.

One thing that drives me crazy is that I believe that when people are in their cars they see other cars and forget all about the humans inside. They forget about how their actions could affect other people. It's one reason I like to confront people when I feel they have endangered me through their actions. One morning on a commute, a guy in an SUV roared around me on the shoulder and cut in front of me. I was moving over to a lane on the right and almost didn't see him; I didn't check over there because it was the shoulder and I didn't expect anyone to be merging into that lane from the shoulder. Interestingly enough, we both then went into the same coffee place! So I went up to him and told him that was a stupid move he made. I kept giving him a hard time until he ran back into his SUV! Then I was a little bit embarrassed, but too much. I hope that I at least impressed on him that when he makes stupid decisions like that he's affecting other humans.

Similarly, I saw a situation in which a car tried to move over into another lane and nearly ran into a car that was already there. They both stopped at a light (I was right behind the two of them) and the woman who was driving the car that was almost hit got out and started yelling at the other driver. I didn't catch it all, but I did hear her say something about her baby being in the back seat, and she said "I will fuck you up!". Haha! When people try to cut into a lane when they don't really have the room, do they think about how they could end up hurting or killing someone's baby? They need to be reminded.

Someone could do to another person what happened to Jacqueline by driving recklessly and making poor decisions in their driving, while totally sober.

Of course, I am completely against drinking and driving, but I'm against all forms of stupidity while beind the wheel of a car.

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