ASPCA, help fight cruelty with email

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ASPCA, help fight cruelty with email

#1 Postby kollision » Sat May 14, 2005 6:24 pm


Heres a site ( ) that advocates animal wel fare (you can see them on Animal Cops and other shows on the Animal Planet channel). They fight for animal welfare, taking animals from abused homes, and lots of other good things. You can fight cruelty by clicking on the Fight Cruelty link, and choose one of the links there. On the tab Lobby, you can click that and it will show many bills that are in office to help animals, and you can do all the ones in federal and in your own state. They have premade letters that you can send out and its really easy, they go by your address and get the Representatives of your state and emails it to them. Please help to fight against animal cruelty, its just a few clicks. Thanks a lot

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