Ethical dilemma....what to do with old leather?

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#16 Postby flanders77 » Tue Oct 18, 2005 2:20 am

nobbi wrote:For ethical reasons I don't see the need of getting rid of old leather stuff.

As you can read in Richards, Madcats and Heros comments there are only ethical reasons not to use/sell/donate things that are made of dead animals. Of course there are economical (waste of money) and ecological (enviroment) reasons but I think most of us are vegan mostly for ethical reasons. Especially when considering how small our number still is we should try to make as few compromises as possible.

To those you think that the dead animal does not care about what is happening to his body or may want to see that something good is made out of it:
Using this kind of argumentation could justify almost every kind of action. But being vegan also means to avoid the avoidable.
Killing an animal is wrong. And using products made of dead animals is also wrong. It does not make a difference if you killed it, paid for the killing or if the killing took place years ago.
Doing something "good" with the dead bodyparts like giving it to homeless people is, from an ethical perspective, a dillemma. I think every killed animal just wanted to live and did not want to die. And constructing a reason why its dead was senseful (for us) does not work.
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