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Hi from Croatia

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:35 pm
by *Ve*
Hi everyone \:D/
I am still browsing around the forum, so I just stopped here to say hi :tongue:

I am from Croatia (Europe), and I am really happy that I've found this forum. :mrgreen:
Anyways, I am only a vegetarian (for 15 years now), but hoping to become a vegan.

I am a IFBB body fitness competitor and trying to find a way to continue competing and become a vegan one day, but in this moment I don't have enough knowledge to do so, neither does anyone around me. In my country most people think it is not possible even to be a vegetarian competitor :mrgreen: so I had to discover a lot of things on my own..and to become a vegan it would be even more challenging...

So I hope to find some answers on this forum, although I feel a bit ashamed being a vegetarian on a vegan forum.. :oops:

Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:06 pm
by Bode
You've definitely come to the right place! I'll let someone with more cred give you advice on what you need but just wanted to wish you luck. Personally, going vegan was an ethical decision for me and all the other benefits came after. I've never been healthier, stronger and fitter in my life and I'm sure you'll see the benefits too :)

Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:40 am
by robert

Great to have you here!

I'm seeing more and more competitors become vegan, even within the IFBB so it is very exciting to see all the recent interest in the vegan lifestyle.

There are a bunch of competitors here, including myself.

Many of us have been vegan for a long time. Feel free to explore around and get questions answered. We're here to be a helpful resource.

Some articles I wrote that might be helpful are: ... ormation_2 ... ormation_3



All the very best and welcome to our community!


Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:49 am
by *Ve*
Thanks for the welcome, guys :cheers:
It's nice to hear that more competitors are interested in vegan lifestyle - very motivating :wink:

Thanks for the articles - I needed something to start with.. and hope to come back with the questions hehehe :tongue:

Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:22 pm
by robert

Plenty more articles too. Just started with a few.

All the best!


Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:26 am
by kareno
Hi Ve, and welcome to the forum! I trust you are finding the answers you were looking for here on this website, which is such a great resource of knowledge and advice! There are a number of competitors here in the community, so I'm sure you'll find people to connect with. And don't be ashamed to be here, even if you're not quite vegan yet. Everyone is welcome!

Re: Hi from Croatia

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:29 am
by C.O.
Hi, how have you been? Have you been completing much lately? If so how have you been fairing? I always wanted to visit Croatia. I think it had something to do with those cool checkered football/soccer jerseys they where during world cup.