hello from T dot!

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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hello from T dot!

#1 Postby meanderly » Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:41 am

i'm from Toronto! been lurking on here for some time, trying to soak up as much info. as i can. i've learned so much already and Robert's book & Brendan Brazier's Thrive series have been super helpful too! i'm having a hard time figuring out how to exactly go about setting up some sort of program for myself though so decided to finally create an account to ask for some advice. would really appreciate any advice/feedback! i apologize in advance for the wall of text as i tend to ramble, but i'll try to keep it to the point.

stats: 23 yr old female, 4'11, 104lb with bf% somewhere between 22-24% i'd say. i use that crappy handheld Omron fat loss device thingy to figure this out so it fluctuates every now and then.. inaccurate i know but it's a rough estimate and the best i can do right now.

i believe my BMI is acceptable however i have an all-round soft look with my problem areas being my mid-section (that dang pooch, esp when i sit or bend, so embarrassing!) and my inner thighs, ugh. i feel skinny-fat :( ideally i'd like to be around 17-18%.. aiming for a firm, toned look and basically no jiggle lol. i know that's what most ladies *want*, and i realize that means i need to put on some muscle which means i need to eat more but in all honesty, the thought of that really scares the shit out of me because i gain weight easily but losing is a b- :( i'm guessing my past restrictive eating habits and obsession with counting calories probably screwed up my metabolism, which is why i'm skinny fat too...

i figured i'd be better off starting with bulking right now but i'd much rather wait till winter. at least then if i gain some weight, wearing hoodies and my winter jacket will help me feel a little better, haha. my b-day is in October too so would be nice to have a goal to work towards. just not sure how effective shedding some bf would would be considering i have little muscle to begin with. would be lovely if i could figure out how to shed some bf while gaining a bit of muscle, though from what i read it's difficult to do both, so how can i make this work to my advantage? i'm also a beginner so i've never lifted heavy before. always been intimidated by all the machines and 'big guys' (i'm tiny lol).. :( i always just stuck to LOTS of cardio, with occasional body resistance workouts, HIIT, plyos, pilates, yoga..stuff like that...

i can't afford a gym membership right now because money is tight and my school/work schedule is a bit whack too, so i'm just trying to make do with what i can at home for now. i found two diff. 3-day split beginner programs that use dumbbells since this is all i really have to work with right now:

1) fullbody M/W/F

2) M-chest/tris, W-back/bis, F-legs/shoulders

not sure if either would be effective though. i keep reading that you need to lift *heavy* to get results, but i don't have much to work with... just some dumbbells, a stability ball and i use an old coffee table as a 'bench' (lol, it works). is this enough to start seeing results considering i'm a beginner? which of the two programs would be better? i was thinking starting with the full body workout program with some cardio on alternate days... unless anyone has any other suggestions? i'm not very strong right now; been using 5-10lb dumbbells (so embarassing). i've also heard good things about the NROLFW program. would it be a good idea to invest in a barbell and a pull up bar for this? willing to look around online and buy some used stuff if it will help. thoughts/suggestions please?!

diet-wise, i'm eating 5-6 meals / day right now, though i'm having trouble figuring out how *much* i should be eating exactly since i'm not sure whether to eat at maintenance, below/above. currently avging 1400-1500cals and my macros usually fall between 50C/30P/20F and 40C/40P/20F. i track on cronometer(dot)com. is this sufficient or should i switch it up? are there certain foods i should focus on more than others? more protein, less carbs? oats, tofu, fruits and veggies are staples for me (please don't take them away from me! lol.) i also supplement with Vega products... expensive but eating clean is important to me. i've heard good things about trueprotein(dot)com though, so will consider ordering from there in the future too.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated! sorry for all the questions!!! really look forward to getting started and learning more.

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Re: hello from T dot!

#2 Postby C.O. » Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:17 pm

Hi welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are starting off on the right foot. Check out the journals section to see what others are doing as far as training and eating and amounts of food etc. You can sift through the site and see who the trainers are. Shoot them a message, most people on here are pretty helpful and willing. Not a bad idea to start your own journal. It will help you track your progress and hold yourself account able. Plus its nice to share with the rest of us. We can all learn from and inspire each other.


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