New here, Surgery putting a hold on exercise

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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New here, Surgery putting a hold on exercise

#1 Postby Mark007 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:33 am

Hey everyone, my name is Mark. I have been checking out this website for some time now and decided its time to join.

About two years ago I started becoming a vegetarian. Before this time I ate meat on a regular basis, about twice a day. I always felt sluggish after a meal and had bad stamina thru the day. After watching Food Inc. and reading about different diets I started to cut back on my meat. I was pretty amazed to find how much better I felt and how much more energy I had.

Recently I decided that its time to take the plunge and become vegan. I already avoid eggs and cheese (yuk) so all I have to do is find a substitute for milk. The hardest part that I find is other people’s perceptions. When people ask if I’m vegetarian I have often times said no just so I can avoid the “why would you want to do that?” or the typical “where are you going to get protein from, you know its not healthy”.

For the past year I was doing really good with my workouts. Working out about 3-4 times a week, doing lots of cardio and bodyweight exercises. Unfortunately all this came to a stop one month ago when I had surgery. The doctor says I can’t lift more than 5lbs for two months! Sitting around all this time has melted the muscle right off me. And it’s very upsetting to see my body turn to jello. I actually have been doing some light stuff like arm curls, but with only 5lbs it feels like a waste. I guess the one good thing is that I can take some “before” pictures now so that I can see the difference once I’m able to start working out again.

Anyway, excited to be a part of this community. Looking forward to getting some good recipe and exercise tips.

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Re: New here, Surgery putting a hold on exercise

#2 Postby C.O. » Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:58 pm

Hi Mark, welcome to the group! Glad you decided to join us officially. I've felt like jello before believe me we've all been there.


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