Allow me to introduce myself. . .

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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Allow me to introduce myself. . .

#1 Postby hmm1219 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:50 pm

Here's a copy of the the bio info I sent Robert. He can't use it all for the Transformation Voting area. Since I haven't been on--even though I frequent the site--I thought I'd copy it here. (Sorry guys! I'm a busy gal taking care of peoples' bods!) I'm one of the the competitors in the Transformation Contest. Please e'me, get to know me, ask q's about my transformation and other stuff within my scope of practice (see bio), and I'll be sure to get on ASAP to post more info.

Many thanks, yours in health, Heather:
Name: Heather Morgan
Location: Atlanta, Georgia (by way of Princeton, NJ)
Age: 35y.
Status: Married to Reid, mom to 2 rescued terrier babies--Abby and Brody
Career: Chiropractor/Neuromuscular Therapist; Trainer; Group Ex. instructor. I primarily run the wellness and fitness program at a major construction company's Atlanta branch. Best job in the world--bar none. I also teach at a massage school, and I am working on my own presentations. I am working toward adding writer and inventor to my accomplishments too.
Starting point: 163 lbs. (I'm 5'3-1/2"); 32% bodyfat.
Goal: I didn't start small. I set my goal to enter my first figure show the weekend this tranformation contest started. I am achieving that 7/22/06. I set a goal of 20-20lbs./20% bodyfat--whichever came first, and managed to hit it it 12 weeks. Yay me! I'm at about 143'ish lbs./18% bodyfat or so now (not getting on scale this close to show, might psych me out).
New goal: Come in at 15-16% bodyfat for the Fall shows I've entered. But more importantly, I wish to achieve the elusive 6-pack. :)
Journey in Brief: I was training for a show 6 years ago when the most amazing fatigue overcame me, along with depression and hair falling out. I was diagnosed with a bum thyroid that had lumps with "questionable" cells in them. (Don't want to use the "c" word). Then the weight gain came: 10, 20, 30 lbs. + in a few months. Yikes. I stopped getting on the scale in the 190's--just added to the depression. And I was supposed to be representing health, wellness, and fitness! Through some alternative and traditional methods, I finally stopped gaining weight and held steady. Whew! After some more time and not giving up, 30 lbs. came off with my hormones regulating, and still keeping up my lifestyle no matter how much I felt like a depressed blob with limbs of lead. Once the 30 "thyroid pounds" came off and stayed off, I weaned off all meds. I'm proud to report I've maintained that for over a year--maybe 2 at this point. Feeling more in control, I visited a local bodybuilding (natural, of course) show on 4/1/06 and decided once again: "I can do that!" I set a goal for one or two Fall shows, but my husband pushed me to train for 1 or 2 in July to get my feet wet and really light a fire under myself. It worked. I'll be in 2 shows this month, and the 2 I initially aimed for in the Fall. My trainees, patients, and group ex. participants have been so inspired by me, as evidenced by their support. Special note: I was told I'd never get lean as a vegan, I'd have to get used to taking meds, I'd have to have my thyroid removed, blah, blah. . . Well, I'm vegan, I'm med-free, I still have my thyroid (which had normal cell activity at last nuclear scan), and I'm getting better with age! Celebrate with me!!!
Fun fact (don't they always ask for a fun fact with these?): My husband and I have the same birthday, and it is also our wedding anniversary. We call it our "birth-a-versary". We met at a grocery store, too.
Fave training foods: I am currently single-handedly keeping the tofu industry in business; this chocolate pudding I've concocted--I'll get Robert to post the recipe; and a "Fettucine Al-Heather"--low carb, low fat, totally vegan (I'll send that one too).
Fave not-training foods (or cheat day): French fries, avocado "egg"rolls, pizza (this gourmet place up the road is so cool about me bringing my vegan mozzarella there and they make an incredible veg creation for me.
Fave both food: peanut butter. I love it so much, I need to be left in a candlelit room with it and a spoon.
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#2 Postby loveliberate » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:08 pm

Hello & Welcome Heather! Thanks for the detailed intro. :D

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#3 Postby SeaSiren » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:12 pm

Welcome! :)

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#4 Postby FormicaLinoleum » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:30 pm

Welcome Heather!

I just looked at your photos--wow! You did that in 12 weeks?? I am really interested in learning what you did, so I look forward to your posts.
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#5 Postby robert » Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:18 pm


Thanks for finally joining. I'm glad the transformation contest has worked out well for you. As I've said...amazing pics!

A lot can be accomplished in 12 weeks, just look at what the people did in our contest and what I did a few years ago when I did one.

Anyway, Heather.....great to have you here. We can all learn a lot from you.

Have fun, and best of luck in you competition this weekend!!!

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Aw shucks. . .

#6 Postby hmm1219 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:43 pm

Thanks for the welcome, guys! I've never been a member of a forum at all. And I'll admit to being somewhat low tech. Please be patient with me!

I'm sitting here with huge rollers in my hair (practicing the 'do for my show), one eye done up (I'm makeup-challenged and had a lesson, so I practiced on one eye), and I stink of Protan. {sigh} In case you all thought doing a figure contest was glamorous, I've got one word: NOT! It's plucking, shaving, and 3-point-sweep bathing (aka. "pits and slits"). And don't get me started on the stripper heels. I have these Dr. Scholl's foot inserts and toe pads in them. What can I say, I'm an old you-know-what with arthritis in my toes. Sexy!

Anyhow, I'm rambling (had coffee too late b/c my water was done for the day--darn!), and waiting for some baked tofu to finish up. Plus, I'm guessing mini-rants like this are for other areas of the forum. Consider it a little more insight into my personality.

Since I'm all awake and beautifying, I'll start exploring the forum now. . .
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Thomas A. Edison

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#7 Postby juhaszbarbi » Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:00 pm

welcome :!:

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#8 Postby flanders77 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:49 pm

Welcome! I love your detailed introduction!
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#9 Postby VeganGirl2006 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:11 pm

Hi and welcome to the boards :)

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#10 Postby exciton » Sat Jul 22, 2006 8:44 am

Welcome Heather!

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#11 Postby Crash » Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:54 am

Welcome ! :D
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