New - From New Zealand

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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New - From New Zealand

#1 Postby AzureAngel » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:04 pm

Hey guys,

Been Vegan for about 4 years now. It was a little rough the first month, but after that no issues. Lots of improvement in health etc, but im sure most people have found that.

Started 5 months ago with SL 5X5 to build strength and because it was the first workout I tried. It started out as just a strength thing but now I am thinking about getting back into rock climbing, something I have not done for almost 2 years. When I did I was doing max around 20-21 using the New Zealand scale and when I was in New York I was doing max of around 5-11a, which is about the same as 21/22 I believe.

The thing is when I went back a few weeks ago to give it a go I found it very hard. I know this is because I have not done it in a while, but I also felt a lot heavier and bulkier, which is probably due to the 5X5. So I decided to stop with the 5X5 and do some more lower weight higher rep stuff, but its pretty hard to find an actual guide on how many to do at what weight etc. Hence, the joining of this forum. I have looked at general bodybuilding forums before, but its bro-sites mostly with so many supplement adds scattered in-between everything that it is hard to see what is actual advice and what is an ad.

But yes, what I have achieved with SL 5X5 so far (And I loved doing it)

Deadlift - 110 KG (242.5 Pounds)
Squat - 90 KG (198.4 Pounds)
Bent over Rows - 70 KG (154.3 Pounds)
Overhead Press - 40 KG (88.1 Pounds)
Bench press - 55 KG (121.2 Pounds)

My vitals are : 74 KGs (163 Pounds), 178cm (about 5'10''), Age 31

My bench and overhead presses never really progressed as fast as the squat and deadlift and some weeks I just could not go up. I started with the bar on all of them because I was sedentary due to depression (long story dont want to go into it here, but its all good now!).
I am thinking of keeping the Deadlift and perhaps Squat as part of my exercise, but not sure yet how many reps and what kinda weight etc. Hoping to find some advice on here somewhere.

My new gym routine has been as follows : (starting each with a 15 minute warmup, usually those elliptical walker machines)
Leg day :
15/15/12/12/12/8 - Squats on the Bosu ball. With the 12 rep sets I push a medicine ball out in front of me for added weight and balance. During the others I just hold the medicine ball. (currently 8kg)
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Lunges on the Bosu ball holding weights.
15/15/12/12/12/8 - on the Calve Machine
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Leg extension Machine, but I want to give this one up as too many friends have been complaining about knee injuries from it.
15/15/12/12/12/10 - Kettle ball Sumo Squats. Not sure the kg weight, but its the smaller of the two at the gym.

Chest and Biceps :
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Pushups (on knees then off knees) warmup
8/6/6/6 - Pull ups. I dont now what they are called, but the ones where you palms are facing away from you. I find they are better for climbing.
15/15/12/12/12/10 - Chest Fly machine
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Bicep Curl machine (also want to change this to something else as I am not going for bulk)
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Bosu pushups - Turning the ball over, 12 = holding the sides and doing a pushup, 10 = triangle pushup in center of ball. (These have been tough but they feel great after)

Back, Shoulder and Triceps :
15/15/12/12/12/10 - Lat Pull down Machine
15/15/12/12/12/10 (X2) - Rope pull, both the pull up kind and the pull down kind (for triceps)
15/15/12/12/12/10 - Row machine, sometimes I just do barbell rows. Not sure of the machine weights, but barbell it would be - 30kg, 50kg, 70kg
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Shoulder flies (still on fairly low weights for these as they are pretty hard still)
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Standing Dumbell tricep press
12/10/12/10/12/10 - Seated Tricep Dips

As of yet I dont have a set Core day, but I have done the above for only 2 weeks now and I just did the core class that was offered at the gym for ab days. Also, my number of reps and sets are purely decided by me. I have not found a good guide yet, so I just did what I felt was good.

As I said before, I only started bodybuilding for climbing this year so I am still trying to find my legs (so to speak), so any advice or directions to the best parts of the forum will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day!

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Re: New - From New Zealand

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:22 pm

Awesome A-dubs, welcome! I would get Roberts Cheeke's book and any of Brendan Braziers books. I would also browse the training journals section for ideas. Post specific questions to other peoples threads, you;ll have better luck getting a response. Also if you didnt see it, there is a search key in the upper right hand corner you can search for topics you are interested in and see whats been discussed in the past here.

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