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Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:22 pm
by oregonisaac
FormicaLinoleum wrote:
Richard wrote:Yahr dude we'll help you become vegan, I think the main thing is just wanting to, because if you want to and have a good reason for it, then everything makes sense and won't be complicated or a chore, it'll just be achieving what you want in your change. Let us know what help you need, and welcome to the forum

I totally agree. I had a period when I was "becoming" vegan and it dragged on for a long time and it seemed like being vegan was difficult. Then one day I was like "screw this 'becoming' vegan crap, I now am a vegan' and once I made that decision it was so easy and straighforward.

I just finished doing basically the same thing since around the begining of the year then one day said "this is it" and bought some essential replacements for my morning shakes, mixed proteins and such, and the last couple months of pure veganism have not been hard at all...and I already have had some great results!