Hi from Belgium.

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your training history, how long you've been vegan, share some of your goals and some of your interests.

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clark X kent
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Hi from Belgium.

#1 Postby clark X kent » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:43 pm

Well I've been reading this site for quite som time now, so I decided it was kinda time for me to register.

First of all my name is Kevin. I'm a 24 year old kid from Belgium. I recently graduated from college and got a Masters degree in Graphic design. I'm on kung fu, I paint and draw ALOT. But I also play bass guitar in a few bands and I'm a straight edge kid as well.

Well I've been vegetarian/straight edge for over 10 years now and I kept feeling better and better after I decided to keep meat out of my diet. the main reason I went vegetarian was because it was really hard to see how animals had to live and how they were treated by the so called "industry".

Well in my upbrining my parents always told me to always respect people no matter what their skincolor, income, gender, ... etc was. Well around the time I was 13 I realised that it was the most important to respect the beings that were the weakest. The ones that can't really defend themselves or the ones that have no voice to state their opinion. I figured out for myself that the words "respect" and "ethical awareness" wouldn't mean much if I left the animals unheard.

Well I joined a gym a few months ago. And I love it! My goal is to get as big as possible in a clean and positive way.

My training after 3 months looks like this:

I'm 5 foot 9 and weigh 72 kg


4 sets: 14, 12, 10, 8 I build up in weight. The weight listed is the weight I end the exercise with

Barbell Bench Press 58 kg
Incline Dumbell Bench Press 35kg
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press 35kg
Dumbbell Flyes 24kg


Incline triceps extensions 12 kg
Dip 30kg
Press down 40 kg
Triceps extensions


Barbell Dead Lifts 55kg
Lat Pulldown 65kg
Pully 65kg
Vertical row 65kg

Seated dumbbell curl 14kg
Dumbbell 12kg
Preacher curls 22 kg
Hammers 14 kg max


Barbell Back Squat 45kg
Leg extension 45kg
Lying leg curl 70kg
Leg press 120kg

Standing calf raises 80 kg
Seated calf raises 50kg

Barbell Shoulder Press 55kg
Dumbbell lateral Raise 12kg
Dumbbell Shrug 70 kg

Crunch 4 max repeats
Twisting Crunch 4 max repeats

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#2 Postby Michelle » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:46 pm

Welcome!! :) :)

clark X kent
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#3 Postby clark X kent » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:50 pm

Thank you Michelle!

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#4 Postby robert » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:54 pm

Wow, great intro!

Welcome to our group! Thanks for visiting us for a while now and thanks for saying hi. We love to welcome new people around here!

I'm sure you'll meet some really cool people here, perhaps some in your area as well.

I look forward to hearing more from you. All the best and welcome aboard!

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#5 Postby dudeofthedead » Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:09 pm

Hey man, welcome. Being Belgian myself, I'm sure we'll get along pretty well. Have fun reading the boards, they're full of useful information. :)
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#6 Postby cubby2112 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:21 am

Welcome to the boards!
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#7 Postby Last of the Sane » Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:48 am

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#8 Postby Tigress » Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:49 am

Hello Kevin and Welcome from me
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#9 Postby flanders77 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 2:54 am

Welcome from a neighbour!
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#10 Postby loveliberate » Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:59 am

Hello & Welcome Kevin! :D
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#11 Postby Zack » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:17 am

Welcome, hope you enjoy it here.
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clark X kent
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#12 Postby clark X kent » Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:34 am

thanks a million !!

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#13 Postby lelle » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:31 am

welcome aboard 8)

clark X kent
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#14 Postby clark X kent » Fri Feb 09, 2007 8:42 am

thanks neighbour!

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#15 Postby CollegeB » Fri Feb 09, 2007 9:50 am


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