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#1 Postby Floopy » Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:09 pm

Going to starting blogging :D .I'll be sharing what my diet is and with is my workout schedule.Also If anyone has any questions or helpful suggestions,it would be greatly appreciated.

9am:Tea/ Probiotics
9:30am:Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal
Apple,Pear,and Grapes

Blueberry,Cocoa Shake,

Tofu Stir Fry

Snacks:Pears,Apples,and Mangoes.

40 Lap run
30 laps medium pace,10 Laps Sprints.

Running Up Stairs.
7stairs X 60times.

Calf Raises
One leg Raises
Each leg 3 Sets of 20
Both Legs 3 sets with 20lbs Free Weights

Lunges :3 Sets Of 15 On Each Leg
Squats:3 Sets Of 15 On Each Leg

After I Just Stretch And Going On With My Day.

Night Workout

3 Sets Of 20 Push Ups
3 Sets Of 100 Crunches
3 Sets Of Shoulder Struges With 20LBS

Then Some Resistance Bands,And Curls.Then I Went To Sleep.
That was the end of Monday.

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