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Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:53 am
by beforewisdom
Looking good! :)

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:12 am
by alison
Thank you Beforewisdom :D

Today I did:

Leg Curl 3x12 40/35/35 pounds. I had to go down in weight as I felt quite weak. I think its from the Cindy video kicking my butt yesterday.
Front Raise 3x12 at 8 pounds
Machine Side Shoulder Raise 3x12/10/10 at 35 pounds
Rear Lat Raise 3x12 at 5 pounds. Don't know when I'll ever progress on this one!
Single Leg Glute Kickbacks 3x12 at 50/65/90 pounds
Walking Lunges 3x12 each leg
Crunches 3x20/20/15


20 minutes Elliptical
20 minutes Stepper
20 minutes Treadmill

Thankfully my neck is feeling fine. I can feel it if I try and turn my neck around too far. But it isn't really sore, just a kind of warning. I was totally freaked out yesterday, my husband went for a massage. I'll have to post a photo. Unbelievable. The woman was using a bottle to rub his back. She was using oil with it and he said it didn't hurt, but holy sh*t. It is even worse today, but it doesn't hurt, its like she burst all the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, its just these marks, they're not grazes or anything, just these marks. They're much darker today. Check it out!


Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:17 am
by Lena01
Hey alison! Looking good really! I'm pretty sure that you will reaching your goals probably sooner than you think. It's awesome that you got out vegan personal trainer :D
The back of your husband is really red!!! I've seen that kind of massage before in Asia. It was East Timor or Indonesia, a friend of my parents got it and I saw the pictures... The guy's red lines were thicker than your husband's, it feels weird though, thinking that a massage gets your skin like that.

Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:17 am
by alison
Thank you Lena! Well the marks are fading quite fast! I heard from some other people as well that this is quite a typical massage in Asia! Strange!

Well today was rest day. I went yesterday though and put in a good workout, yet I wasn't feeling my usual energy. I actually put some of the weights down from the week before as I just didn't have the strength. I did:

Single Leg Leg Press 3x12 at 50 pounds
Smith Machine Incline Bench Press 3x15 at 30 pounds
Tricep Rope Pulldown 3x12/10/10 at 30 pounds
Leg Extension 3x15 at 50 pounds
Tricep Dips 3x12/10/10
Standing Calf Raise 3x15 at 40/60/40
Pushups 3x6

20 minutes Elliptical
20 minutes Stairmaster
20 minutes Treadmill

Isn't it so annoying when someone hogs a machine but they're actually wasting their time. This woman was on the leg extension machine lifting about 10 pounds for 5 reps a time then resting and stretching for a good 5 minutes inbetween but not letting anyone get on the machine. She knew I was waiting for it, I managed to do three sets of tricep dips, calf raises and pushups before she got off the thing. some people!

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:42 pm
by alison
Yay Yay Its Friday! had the usual 5:15 start this morning to fit it all in. But wait I must still post yesterdays workout.

Upright Rows 3x12 at 20 pounds
Shoulder Press 3x12/12/8 at 40 pounds
Bent Arm Lat Raise 3x12 at 5 pounds
Smith Machine Lunges 3x15 each leg at 70 pounds
Ab Slings 3x10
Twist Crunches on Ball 3x20/20/14

35 minutes Elliptical
25 minutes Treadmill

Lat Pulldown Wide Grip 3x12 at 50 pounds
Barbell Bicep 3x12 at 20 pounds
Seated Row 3x12/10/10 at 40 pounds
Preacher Curl 3x12 at 25 pounds
Smith Machine Squats 3x15 at 70 pounds
Lat Pulldown Close Grip 3x12 at 50 pounds
Seated Calf Raise 3x15 at 50 pounds

35 minutes Elliptical
25 minutes Treadmill

I got a report on my book yesterday. I sent off my second draft to a place called The Writers Workshop in London which gives you advice on your book. I got a very positive review that is absolutely invaluable, I couldn't have got this advice from anyone else. She said 'lets make a good book into a great book' which is wonderful and of course I want a great book, but it is going to take tons more work! I really didn't have any idea how much goes into a book. I just wrote it and thought I was done with it, well that was nearly 2 years ago! And there is still lots of work to do! Its great though!

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:09 pm
by veggieprincess
Keep up the great work!!!!

Hope you got my email with additional tips on energy. That diet I gave you is hardcore... I don't expect you to have the same energy as the previous one, so hopefully you got my tips on how to compensate for that. :)

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:13 am
by alison
Well I've had a bad week. I got hit by such hectic fatigue on Monday, that after going to the gym, I actually couldn't make it to work. I took the rest of the week off, (gym, not work) and was literally dragging myself through the days. Thankfully its sorted itself out. So I'm back in there from tomorrow. Diet has gone way off this weekend. It was my one year wedding anniversary and we booked into a very swanky hotel. Also went out to dinner and of course breakfast this morning, and I even had a glass of champagne last night, in the enormous jacuzzi! My husband is completely teetotal so that stops me from overdoing it. Still, it was my first drink in over 3 months so I was definitely a little woopsy. And since I am a perfectionist in the worst way and today is already ruined food-wise, I might as well just consider the whole weekend a write off and start again tomorrow! So that's what I'll do! Banana smoothies and movies at home tonight! Yay! Bring on the carbs and lots of them! Okay not too many....