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#16 Postby TigreBella » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:07 am

vegetusmaximus wrote:Husbands are sure good for that stuff. My husband loves how I am as is, but gently encourages me to be more active and eat better because he knows I'll be healthier and happier. Yeah for good men :D I definately find that treating myself well through good eating and exercise makes me much more positive in general. Even if my body looks the same, the way I see my body changes. I'm much more appreciative when I stop to ponder all the things it does for me. Good to hear you are moving in a positive direction yourself! I may not always know what to say, but I'm always good for the listening part of talking. It's good to have another person on my side. Thanks for the support!

Yeah. At first, when I'd say I wanted to lose weight and that I'm fat, he'd just make a face and say "You're not fat! I love you the way you are, and always will." Though, over time, I finally got him to understand that this is something I needed to do, for my own self esteem issues and such. Now, I just joke and say "Awww, your fat wife is leaving you! You don't miss her yet, right? Because she's leaving for good and won't return, and a new skinnier wife is gonna take her place!" :lachmal:

I think a lot of my husband's positiveness rubbed off on my over time. lol. Either that, or I had no choice since he would not dare let me say negative things about myself. :lol:

You're welcome! :wink: Keep up the good work! :boxer:

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