Gaia's keto diet happenings

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Re: Gaia's keto diet happenings

#16 Postby Harley » Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:13 pm

Is that not a BBers dream to lose BF but increase or maintain muscle?? So what exactly did not work for you?
Also, how tall are you?
Tear it up in the gym :D

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Re: Gaia's keto diet happenings

#17 Postby Gaia » Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:21 am

I am only 5'3". Current weight is now 158lbs. (in the morning, before eating!).

Yes, to the BBer's dream of maintaining the weight and increasing mass, but for me I was not losing the bf enough to get the definitions I wanted in order to compete. Maybe I have just been dieting too long (since March 2008) and my body has had enough. Or maybe I just don't have the mental capacity this year (because of the dieting) to take it to the next level. I am gearing up for next year though. Contests begin in March around here, so that is only four months away if I want to begin that early. Though I will just hibernate in the gym till Spring is here, and then begin to diet down again for a show in June/July.

But I am loving lifting heavy again. I am at a new gym and it is one of those 24 hour card to get in deal gym in a strip mall. It is cool that I can plan to workout around my schedule and not the gym's open hours anymore. I am on a split routine. I did Back yesterday around 11 AM and Triceps around 5 PM. And boy is my body sore the next day! My biceps are still sore from 3 days ago!

Oh yeah, I think I will do a little cardio during the winter to keep the bf down, and yes, perhaps keep the eating down to a minimum of 3000 calories! Unless I find a miracle supplement that will let me eat and make it go right into muscle! (Other than testesterone! and GH! Plus I am a female and those things at my age (45) will mess everything up!).

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