Mik's diet for bulking up...

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Mik's diet for bulking up...

#1 Postby Mik » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:11 pm

Okay I'm looking to bulk up somewhat while increasing my strength, this is what I ate yesterday; my other days have consisted of similar food (though with far more fruit and veg, yesterday was a little lacking), any pointers, criticisms and comments would be really helpful, thank you :)

Breakfast: 3 slices of toast+ Jam with some pumpkin and sunflour seeds
Mid morning: 2 medium pittas with vegan 'ham', humous and gerkins+ lettuce
Lunch: 2 large potatos and a whole tin of baked beans+ lettuce
Mid afternoon: Mix of raisins dates, sunflower seeds and pumkin seeds with apple juice (throughout the day i had a total of 1 litre apple juice)
Dinner: Tofu curry, with soy yoghurt, rice, quinoa and 2 pitta breads (was a real challenge eating it all :P)
Late evening: Mix of raisins, dates and seeds (my total seed intake must have been at least 150g)

I also drunk plenty of water :)

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