Vegan jkd-finally seeing some decent results

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Vegan jkd-finally seeing some decent results

#1 Postby veganjkd » Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:02 am

I have been tinkering in the local gym for a couple of years weight training to supplement martial arts training and running with no real plan but with a bit of an understanding of nutrition. I have tried various body building programes with info i have got from various sources,5X5, low reps high weights,pyramids etc etc but have never really seen any gains.Have done lots of bodyweight workouts and love my kettle bells workouts but i am wanting to start to develop more of the bodybuilding look..whatver that may be for me!

given that my gym membership runs out at the end of january 2009 with no hope of renewal i really had to think about things.

that done i started off with a two light week programe of ;

bench press 20kg x 25
seated row machine 28 kg x 25
dumbbell deadlift 40 kg x 25
dumbbell curls 10kg x 25
dumbell tricep extension 10kgx25 left/right
ab crunch machine 35kg x 25

i did 3 sets of the above in one session in the same order and trained 3 times a week for two weeks around muay thai and running .

Since then i have kicked it up to the following;

Dumbbell bench press 60kg(30kg x 2) x6-8 reps
Bent over dumbbell row 30kg 6 reps each arm
Chin ups 6 reps
dumbell bicep curls 28kg( 14kg each arm) 8-12 reps
dumbell triceps extensions 24kg 12 reps
dumbell bicep curls 28kg (14kg each arm) 8 -12 reps
Triceps cable pull/push downs 55kg 6-12 reps

4 sets of the above in one session.

Next day in gym i do the following

dumbell squats 60kg 6-12 reps
Dumbell deadlift 60kg 6-12 reps
leg extension machine 75 kg 12 reps
Seated leg curl machine 60kg 12 reps
Ab crunch machine 50kg 12 reps
dumbbell shrugs 80kg 6-12 reps
seated dumbell calf raises 60kg 12 reps

4 sets of the above in one session

so i do two sessions of each of the above workouts each week.(does any of this make sense?!) .My goal being to build muscle and stength.
focussing on these heavier weights(i weigh about 80kg) and simple compound excercises i have finaly noticed a difference in that i am definately building muscle enough for others to notice,not the intention but a good indicator none the less.My strengh is definatley up as well indeed my body weight has gone up slightly and body fat gone down a little(always had a bit of a beer gut!).

I still I train muay thai 1.5 hours twice a week(5 -7 five minute sets of rope jumping,with 10 push ups,squats,crunches,burpees,squat thrusts in between each rope jump set),then bag/pad work.kicking,punching,elbows,knees. and usually some sparring as well and finishing each class with 50 push ups,50 sit ups,50 leg raises

I am sticking with this 4 times a week alternating weight programe until january and then in my last month at the gym i will be doing the following;

Deadlifts 4-6 reps
Bench press 4-6 reps
one armed dumbell row4-6 reps
Barbell curls 4-6 reps
triceps extensions 4-6 reps

Training 5 sets of the above in one seesion,4 sessions a week lifting as heavy as i can go without any faliure.

i reckon its working well thus far ,i have found the move to lifting what for me is much heavier has made some real gains and i think finishing like this will be a good ending as such! after that its back to my light dumbells and my kettlebells at home :0(

feel free to comment/advise etc.

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Re: Vegan jkd-finally seeing some decent results

#2 Postby DV » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:22 am

I'm sorry that you have to go back to light weights when your membership expires. Consistency, heavy weights and variation (as well as diet) are very important if you want a bodybuilder look. Different programs work for different people, so I would stick with something for a few weeks to see if it works for you. Personally, I see the best gains when I concentrate on one body part at a time (except triceps/biceps), working it to failure.
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