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Re: Nathan's HIT Training

#46 Postby Nathan Nearing » Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:34 am

Ruz wrote:
Ruz wrote:IBUR killed me. I loved it. Took me a good while to catch my breath and make sure I wasn't going to let lose a torrent of pre-digested food. The article it is mentioned is is here.

Wow..that looks so cool! gonna try it first thing monday!

Shit man! That was awesome! Did it twice in a row believe it or not...I was in the gym on the running machine and i don-t think I-ve ever sweated so much!! Got off the machine with my face as red as a strawberry, with everyone looking at me! hahahha :lachmal: Calves are KILLING me today which makes me really happy..the bastards never grow no matter how I work them..just never tried running so fast before, I had the machine up to the max![/quote]

That's awesome man! Yeah, IBUR will REALLY push your limits. That's what I like about it.

If by running machine you mean treadmill, try not to use them for IBUR. Any sort of HIIT training requires going from a moderate jogging pace to a sprint instantly. treadmills do require a few seconds to get up to speed, and since running intervals are short as it is, it cuts into the time and effectiveness of the routine. Running outside or on a track is ideal. If you're stuck inside without a track though you can always use a stationary bike. Now that is KILLER, haha.

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